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In life, every time I acted, I was rewarded in one way or another. Even when I lost money after an unscrupulous action, once the lesson learned, I was more than rewarded.

I was saying in a previous article about the idea of ​​comfort. The fact that everything that comes from the outside sets us an invisible line around us and beyond which we do not act.

I received an email from a person who tells me vehemently that the comfort zone can not be changed. As he can not. I asked him if he had a driver's license and how it was the first time when he went to the wheel. "Terrifying," he told me. "They all went too slow, at some point I stopped in the middle of the intersection and blocked the whole movement."

Now, my reader says he can lead without any problems, that he is "part of him". But it was not so from the beginning. At first the driver was far out of comfort. Through action and progressive exposure, the comfort zone is enhanced and included and the car itself and the driving act.

That's what it is in every area of ​​our lives. The action releases you.

A small comfort area is the result of a small action made and, more seriously, undiversified.

But more than that, the comfort zone is strict in our minds.

There are proactive caregivers who live like the comfort zone does not exist and that they have no limit to what they do. That's their impression of them, that's the impression of others about them ... and that's what's happening. Compared to those who turn around in the circle and tremble from all their bones when doing something "different," proactive people really have no limits.

And yet, which is why for some it is so hard to increase their own comfort zone?

A parallel can give it by explaining the public fear of speech, so rooted in people. I do not know if you ever stuck in front of an audience even when you had to pass a speech or a message. It's terrible. You are impatient, the words do not leave you, or if you are out, there are not the ones you want to say ... and your mind becomes one-way and can no longer make simple connections that help you in the normal conversation.

In the past, their own survival was almost exclusively conditional on belonging to a group. Animal hunting was one of the methods by which the group had access to food. But there were carnivorous animals battering people. They had no chance of survival alone.

You could be eliminated from the tribe very easily if you are obvious. That's why whatever he says has to be weighed carefully. If group members disagree with you, they can be removed (or in this case, kicked out of the group and practically sentenced to death). Moreover, if it is highlighted and it is called by name it only means to challenge the leader for the position they have. From here on disposal was only one step.

When you talked to more than one member at a time, you did not have to stand out! That was the message.

At such times, a fabulous thing happens that has its own survival. It is a matter of life and death, when provoking the group, you can do only two things: to run or to fight. The brain receives much less blood, because the legs and upper limbs are privileged. Hence the "inability" of the brain to behave normally. With your legs you can run, with your arms fighting.

Specialists say they react in this situation to the primitive brain and the instinct of survival.

It is understandable that you do not die when speaking to others. How do you take control of your brain, though? Moving NOW! If you start taking steps to the left and right, the blood begins to circulate in the body and the new brain, which is responsible for reason, intervenes.

The same happens when, when used to living in a comfort zone imposed by others, you finally decide to get out of it, widen it. If you are not used to it, do the same thing. The primitive brain takes hold of you, being responsible for survival. You do not think anymore, you are stuck, connections make it much harder and you have two activated functions: the escape and the aggressiveness (stress transformed into combativity).

How do you take control of your brain? Moving NOW! Doing something, anything! Action again puts you in control of your brain and emotions. The simple action helps you feel comfortable with the new territory that is not familiar to you. When you learn this, you realize that in order to increase the comfort zone, you need to resort to progressive exposure. Step by step you expose yourself and learn the new reality around you.

Several years ago, some studies were conducted on American hunting pilots. The same experience with blood drainage in the brain also happens with them in conditions of maximum risk. Practically, if the plane risks collapsing, the driver's peripheral vision disappears in a 90% proportion. He could no longer see just what was ahead (narrow visibility), and brain connections disappeared.

How fast you came back depended on yourself, because in the stressful moments described above, you simply did not see the catapulting button that saved your life. That's why pilots who managed to save themselves in critical situations just by pressing a button were raised in grade. It meant they could easily control their primitive brain, and they could cope with complex situations without perceiving the stress that would turn them into inert animals.

In the early days, the primitive brain functioned. You could run away or attack and any other option would definitely spoil you. Now that status is no longer up to date, it even brings you great service. The brain has adapted as much to the new situations as it is, but it often enters "survival mode" without wanting.

There is an extremely fast and simple method, ignored by many who struggle with the primitive brain and that help you get out of the comfort zone, constantly increase it, do things that seem impossible for others or get out of the state for which others need a psychologist. A kind of universal panacea.

I'm talking about ACTION! The simple "making" of things relieves you of the 1001 psychic problems of modern man.

You are in a state of semi-depression, which does not let you do anything. Lose time by looking at the walls or sitting on the computer?

Do something! Anything!

You will see how you instantly get out of the state.

"It's not hard to work, it's hard to put yourself in a position to work" (C. Brancusi)

I have many friends who tell me they are not productive and do not manage to do simple tasks. Blame on motivation. It's simple for me: you choose to do or not to do it. If you do, you have the opportunity to advance, various other options appear, you increase your comfort zone. If you do not, stay in the comfort zone, but with every passivity you accept, the comfort zone is cherished and the state of depression ultimately takes hold of you.

That we talked about depression. All the action takes you out of it. No one has gone out of depression thinking about how to get out of depression and stand for nothing. Depression does not even exist. If you are moving, then you are evolving, you have challenges, you live.

"Action will set you free." (The action releases you!)

I have met many people around me who are trying to convince me that in fact things are much more complicated than that. When you think it's complicated, then it really is for you. I prefer the simplified version. Do or do, go or stand, cry or act.

I do not need too many variants from this point of view. Any further explanation on this subject is just an excuse to stay still and dig the ditches at the border of your comfort zone, pour water into them and possibly put crocodiles.

In a way it's simple: the comfort zone is the old tribe. If you come out of your comfort zone or try to increase it, it's as if you condemn yourself to death. I understand this thing.

We live in modern times when the brain can function beyond its primitive function. There are many, with the comfort zone and the primitive brain activated, who do not have freedom of movement and options because they want to be "safe". And I'm still free, who forgot that there is a comfort zone that behaves defiantly, as if they had no limit in their ability to get what they want.

And how to get that freedom is so simplistic that you do not need any kind of school to understand how it works.

Step 1 - Suggest something

That's because the action itself saves you a lot, but the targeted action is extremely valuable.

Step 2 - Do something!

Do something to move on to what you have proposed. Usually that thing means the first step, the smallest, that brings you the biggest change. Then the next step. Then the next one. Baby steps are the safest way to get where you want.

If you have the direction to go, this "something" can also be translated through progressive exposure that makes you more and more familiar with the way you have to go.

Step 3 - Do something else!

There are bottlenecks. 99% of them are emotional. If it does not work, it often makes no sense to insist, but to change strategy. You can not get other results doing the same thing repeatedly. 🙂

Happiness is not to the one who has, but to the one who does. The scene is not that of the critic who gives it out of the mouth, but of the actor who plays.

Any discontent you have (or bad state), if you stay too much on it, does not help. Then the advice is simple: do something!

Whatever your desire, the simple way to do it is not to think obsessively about it (although many of the "attraction law" fans would say that is enough). To fulfill your desire, you have to move. To move, you have to do something. If it does not work, keep moving forward, doing something else.

Finally I come with a quote from Brancusi, which is a leitmotif of my latest projects:

"To create as a god, to command a king, to work as a slave!"

I wish you to be a god, a king and a slave at the same time,

Dearfully Adrian


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