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The Emotional Challenges or Being a Professional Freelance Artist


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The Emotional Challenges or Being a Professional Freelance Artist

Everyone has their moments in which solitude feels the only company available, even surrounded by other people. But what if being alone is your way of being at most?

Think about any average job. Any of them. Got it? Now... they all have some basis of cooperation and interaction between team members, right? I mean, you get to your office or place of work and exchange information and resources with your work-mates. Sometimes even a juicy gossip that will give you something to think for the rest of the day.

Now think about a job where that doesn't exist. Where the only interaction you have is through a messenger with the person you report to and nothing else.

Well, my friends, we are now talking about being a true-true freelance artist.

Blood and tears are not enough sacrifice for art, no-no señores! For being a professional artist who earns its coin through freelancing you gotta devote most of your existence to work secluded from any other human being.


That doesn't mean that you can't go from time to time to a coffee place or rent an shared office. But still, in most cases, staying at your home-office is the only way to go.

To be honest, i miss a lot having conversation with fellow workmates, and I honestly hope soon it will be possible to get back to have such habits. But at the moment, it is the only way to go for me to remain exclusively with my own company. And maybe yours!


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Hey guys!

I am a simple fellow that is learning to learn.

In our future lives the main skill that humans will need to overcome adversity is the hability to reinvent themselves. This is why having a flexible mind is something we all need to develop, along with a flexible set of emotions and physique.

Join me in this adventure of discovering your true nature, and redesign it for the times-to-come!



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