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Selfies in the Steem Creators Conference


10 months agoBusy2 min read
I hate selfies. I would never buy a selfie stick. Apparently people love selfies, both being in them and looking at them. I guess it´s a trend that came to stay so you know what they say, adapt or die. So here I am taking a bunch of selfies with a bunch of Steemians who came to Toronto with one goal in mind: Meet Steemians and have the best time possible.

Well, achievement unlocked. We´ve only been here for one day and I already feel like I met this people months or years ago.

You see, that´s something that happen when you engage with other people on Steemit, when you are part of discord groups, when you comment on other posts and reply to people´s comments on yours.

When you meet in person it´s as if you were meeting an old friend, not a complete stranger who lives in the other side of the world.

Yesterday we went to a meet and greet and have a beer, then we went for a walk and found another bar.


We were so many that we had to wait outside until a big enough table got available.


Candid selfies. Taking the whole selfie business to the next level.


After that, some of us hit a club. I had one whiskey shot that destroyed me and had to go home. I may or may have not drank a few beers before that shot but don´t tell anyone.


Today I got to meet a lot more Steemians. Obviously I started to follow most of them.


Big gang huh?


I´ll give you a list of the people I´ve met these past days so you can...

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