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Last Saturday 25 players played the second Satellite tournament, competing for a place in the @blocktrades + @spl Steem Fest ticket giveaway tournament in September 15th... Only 6 of them won a ticket for this final tournament.

If you don´t know, @blocktrades and the Steemit Poker league (@spl) are giving away one ticket and accommodation for one lucky - and skillful poker player - Steemian. A ticket to where? To Krakow, Poland to attent the biggest Steem Blockchain event of the Year: The Steem Fest.

Do you like to play poker and do you want to go to Steem Fest? Well check out the announcement post and play the third and last Satellite tournament to win a place in the final tournament! The announcement is here

After more than 3 hours played, the tournament reached the point where there were only 6 players left. These players won a ticket for the final tournament and we got some minutes with them to ask them about themselves and their Steemit life.

Meet the winners - and don´t forget to follow them on Steemit:

Username on SPL: Celestal

Team in SPL: There are teams in SPL?
Username on Steemit: @celestal
Something you want to add about your Steemit life: I'm actually going (or have already gone when the post I'm featured has been aired) to a bicycle tour, so that – and whatever I happen to have in my mind – is something I will be reporting about.
Where are you from: Finland
Memorable hands: My start wasn't that smooth since early in the game I tried to bluffcatch an over-bet on the river. It wasn't a bluff and I dropped down to 2000 chips. However, I managed to recover a bit. Critical turning point of the tournament was the following hand: I have KQ offsuit in my hand and I raise 3x bigblind (that or a re-raise). One player calls. Flop comes with 3 low cards. Now, the pot in the middle was already almost the size of my stack left (about 4000 I think). Having been the aggressor on pre-flop and the opponent checking his turn on me on the flop, I make a ballsy move and push it all-in thinking I have a good chance of getting a fold. My opponent makes even ballsier move and calls with AJ offsuit, going almost all-in too. The turn comes King, giving me a pair and a winning hand after a blank river. I double up to almost 8000 chips and from thereon I had a solid game and increased my stack steadily eventually getting to the final table at a position 1-3 at almost all times. The final table was extremely tight but I had no pressure from bigblinds and no need to risk a lot but just snipe a pot or two with a min. raise on pre-flop to safe my place in top 6.
What place did you finish: 2nd
Why do you want to go to SF: People have become my main focus on the platform and I think Steemians are generally just really cool people; earlier this year I was in a small meet-up in Tallinn, Estonia, and I had a blast there, so I'm expecting even crazier times from Steemfest.

Username on SPL: louis88

Team in SPL: Three Aces (@RivalzZz, @oendertuerk, @louis88)
Username on Steemit: @louis88
Something you want to add about your Steemit Life:
From photography, bot programming, development, open source software, online poker, real-life meetings with Steemians to participating in research projects to cure diseases, I have seen and experienced a lot. There is a great German community that is always helpful. This made my entry into the Steem world enormously easier.
Where are you from: Germany
Memorable hands or things to mention about your table:
There were at least 2 hands all-in against me and I elimimized with a hero call. That really got my stack moving forward so I finally made it to the final table. I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly what the cards were. It was definitely exciting.
What place did you finish: #4
Why do you want to go to SF?:
I've been on the road on Steemit for a little over 220 days now and I've already seen a lot. Met new people, read a lot and participated in various projects. SteemFest gives me the opportunity to get to know the people behind the user account better.

Username on SPL: RivalzZz

Team in SPL: Three Aces ( @louis88 @oendertuerk and me )
Username on Steemit: @RivalzZz
Something you want to add about your Steemit Life:
Curation is one of the biggest part on Steemit. I'm here for 7 Month ( January 2018 ) and love to curate Posts in different tags and styles. One of goal is to have more Steempower to give something more back!
Where are you from: Germany
Memorable hands or things to mention about your table (were you chip leader, did you come from behind, did you won many one vs one hands? etc):
What place did you finish: In the beginning i was very tight to play. no reasonablehands to play with but if it came to the fiunal table i have take over the action and started grinding the blinds . and jea, finally i made it as 1st Player :)
Why do you want to go to SF?: I want to take part on the steemfest to meet the Person behind the names in Life. i'm a Meetup Enthusiast and like to share experiences directly from nose to nose.
i already have a great Post which is related to a Steemit Merchanidse and gives me the opportunity to Take Part on the Steemfest

User name in SPL: yazp

Team in SPL: Death Punch
Username in Steemit: @yazp
Something you want to add about your Steemit Life (projects or whatever): Yes, I am a magician and since I came to the Steemit community I have shown my talent, but I think it is more difficult than I imagined.
Where are you from ?: Caracas. Venezuela
Memorable hands or things to mention on your table: I am the type of player that is not easy to eliminate, unless luck supports my opponent. By the way, in the first edition he was well positioned. so I paid an all-in with a couple of JJ in my hand. what cost me the elimination and finished in seventh place.
Where did you finish? Third place
Why do you want to go to SF?: Wow, it's just a great opportunity to make my work known as an illusionist. and even more I'm dying to share with all the people who will attend the SteemFest and leave them perplexed with so much magic ...

Username on SPL: generausd

Team in SPL: Death punch
Username on Steemit: @generausd
Something you want to add about your Steemit Life:I want to become a great blogger!
Where are you from: Venezuela.
Memorable hands or things to mention about your table: I had the smallest chip stack and I wasn´t getting good hands but then another player went all in and lost 98% of his stack and I ended up squeezing into the top 6.
What place did you finish: 6th.
Why do you want to go to SF?: Meet all the people from the Steemit community.

Name on Steemit: Inthenow

We couldn´t get in touch with @inthenow but hopefully he´ll see this post and reply to our message :D

Congratulations to the Winners! Best of luck in the final tournament on September 15th!

The next satellite tournament is on Saturday, September 8st at 3pm CDT. If you want to join follow the steps on this post

Remember this is a @Blocktrades sponsored contest, if you like what they are doing vote for them as witness here

@anomadsoul is a proud host of this contest, if you like what he is doing vote for @ocd-witness as witness here


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