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I'm in Toronto for the Steem Creators Conference!


8 months agoBusy


Don't pay attention to my belly, it's all a mirage caused by the panoramic setting on my camera and the 50+ year old nice lady that took the picture; the point is, this morning I arrived in Toronto, Canada!

The Steem Creators Conference & Summit starts in only two days and everyone is welcome to join us. If you would like to come you are still in time, just check out the official webpage and get your tickets asap!


I can't wait to meet so many new faces and see some familiar ones!

I'm currently falling asleep in my hostel room. I hopped on a Mexican plane today at 1 am and spent 5 hours on a tini tiny seat; then, after 1.5 hours of bus and subway rides, I got to my hostel. Obviously I couldn't check in until 1 pm so I figured I could explore the city during the morning. I did it, I liked it but now I'm completely destroyed, if I don't sleep I think I'm going to collapse.


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