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CONTEST: My 2018 - This is my Hobby | 100 SBD in Prizes!


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My 2018 - A @blocktrades sponsored contest.

But Nomad don´t be silly, I blog everyday about my hobbies and passions, to join this contest is like repeating my blog posts, there is nothing different, I can just post the same I´ve been posting the past 2 months...

This contest is not about you posting your drawings or you latest travel adventure, this contest has nothing to do with the way you take care of your garden or how you cooked that meal you ate last saturday, the post you will create to join this contest will not be about your latest science fiction story or analysis of your favorite coin...

This contest is about your passion, why you have it and what drives it

No no, I don´t want you to post examples of your hobby, I wan´t you to tell me about your hobby.

  • Why do you fell passion about your hobby?
  • How did you picked this hobby? Or better yet, how did this hobby picked you?
  • How long have you been doing it...? Are you learning more and more every day?
  • What is is that you love about this hobby? Do you like it because you are good at it? Do you love it because it takes away the stress? Do you enjoy it because it is challenging?
  • When do you practice it? Is it part of your daily life or do you have to go out of your routine to be able to do it?
  • Is it something you share with someone else or is this hobby YOUR thing and you do it by yourself?
  • What is going on in your mind when you do it?
  • Is your hobby a priority? Does practicing takes away time with your family or partner? Do you have it high on your priority list or is it not that important compared to family and friends?
  • Is your hobby expensive? Do you spend a lot of money when you practice it? What sacrifices you make to be able to practice your hobby?
  • Are you an amateur? An adept? An expert? What makes the differences between them? Does it depend only on skills or do you also need tools or equipment to become better?
  • Are you lucky enought that, is your hobby part of your job?
  • If you would have to explain your hobby to an alien, how would you do it?

These are just examples of how to create your post, you don´t have to talk about all of them and you can add other things you want, those are just a few guidelines in case you don´t know how to make your post!

If you want to add pictures that´s awesome! It´s even better!

Rules for the contest! Yes... there are rules :(

1.- Your post must have the title My 2018 - This is my Hobby: Here goes your hobby

Example: My 2018 - This is my Hobby: Hunting Sharks in the Pacific Ocean.

2.- The post must have at least 1,000 words. This is a post about your hobby! Give it some love and make an effort to make a long and big post!
3.- You have to use the tag "My2018" and "Thisismyhobby" otherwise I won´t be able to check out your post :(
4.- Please do NOT use the tag "blocktrades" or "sndbox".
5.- Obviously, no Plagiarism, I only want original content!
6.- Be creative, have fun!!
7.- You don´t have to upvote this post to join, but I´m askig you to Resteem it so more people can join the contest. If more people join, there is a big chance I pitch in more SBD to the prize pool.

Note: If your post does not fulfill this small list of rules I can´t consider it to win :(

Deadline to submit your entry

You have from now until next Monday, March the 26th at 11:59 pm PST (Pacific time) to make your post about this, any post published later that that won´t be considered for the contest.

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!


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