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Misty twilight. Photoalbum


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Hello dears!


It rained heavily during the day. But by evening the clouds had turned into light clouds. And the mist fell. It's so warm outside, so beautiful and quiet. I take a little bike ride with my camera to capture the fog pictures. I have long had such a desire-to take photos in the fog. Unfortunately, the dusk gathering so quickly... and now it's quite dark. It's time to go back inside.

The forest in the fog looks especially magical and mysterious. It seems that there are a lot of elves, dwarves and other fabulous creatures. And Yes, I try not to think there might be a Slenderman. Ha ha, you're not afraid of him? Look into these silhouettes of trees in the fog... What you see there?.. Boo!!!




Well, I'm sure there are no negative characters in my forest. He is too beautiful and has good energy. So most likely, in this fog only the magic pollen of good fairies. So I'm not afraid,and I'm moving on.

Ahead of the field, overgrown with flowers and tall grass. In the fog, it looks like the clouds have touched the ground. Well, in reality it is, because the fog is a cloud. So walking in this fog now, I'm walking right in the clouds to some extent. Romantic fact.





On the river the last minutes of the dying sunset. Beautiful moment... The night has come. It's so quiet around. Even the wind has completely died down. And only sometimes the Nightingale dilutes this enchanting silence with its melodious song. Summer evenings are uniquely beautiful! Each of them is unique and delightful, in any weather.


Thank you for walking with me in this fog. Photos taken by me with camera Canon EOS 650 D. I wish you a good day and lots of inspiration in your heart. I'll see you soon. @Anna-Mi



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