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Hints of 'WAR'...?!?!?!?!? Hmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn...


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Anybody else here see what appears to be a correlation between the recent:

  • Saudi Oil Refinery attack (By Iran???)
  • New York Fed finding 53 billion dollars to make available for new lending
  • New U.S. 'Defense Secretary', traveling with Potus on Campaign Trail
  • The FED lowering interest rates recently, and saying they may lower the rate further
  • Oil prices going up, just as Winter will soon be arriving (blamed on Saudi attacked by Iran)
  • Potus announcing the release of Emergency Oil Reserve stores
  • Pompeo back to Middle East for "talks" using terms like "act of war"
  • Potus and Cabinet members using the Military term, "Locked and Loaded"
  • Numerous Banks have been on the cusp of failing, in need of stimulus or bailouts
  • Stock Market goes from recent slump to a healthy jump 
  • Etc.
  • Ect.

Those "twenty seven" or so missiles that were fired at the Saudi oil refinery, supposedly "From the vicinity of Western Iran" had to travel many miles over the Persian Gulf in order to reach their target, without being detected. The Gulf is one of the most surveilled and protected areas of the world by multiple Military factions and methods...How was this attack successful???

'False Flag' or simply just allowed to happen?

Isn't Iran, the last of those seven Countries on the near twenty year old Neocon list of Sovereign States to topple which has not yet been Militarily attacked by a UN Joint Task Force?

HmnnnnnnnnnnnnI don't know...Just wondering...

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