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Holidays and Steemmonsters Overview.


6 months ago2 min read


So today my semester officially ended. And this time, they didn't just decide to add us an extra course out of nowhere. Yup, it's actually summer holidays. Well, just 2 weeks but beggars can't be choosers.

Anyways, usually such occasion would be celebrated atop shots on shots on beers but, seeing how we're so broke sophisticated lately, we decided to crash a friend's, and have some chocolated coffee with bread. All that under an intense heat that's still lurking even now. I felt so fancy I nearly spouted my opinions on the whole Brexit debacle. It was different.

But yes, yes I know, that's not what you're here for, you're here to screen shop my reward cards not fawn over my lunch. So without further ado, splinterlands!

I didn't play much SM this week, had an exam to prep for, tiredness, and issues with the UI and website. Kept saying I had fled the battle when it never reached the team making part, or when I'd finish setting up my team and click "battle", it wouldn't register and I would run out of time. It happened like a lot of times, got quite frustrating.

Did anyone else encounter these problems? Or was it because I use a phone? Regardless, I'm sure it's being worked on even now as you curate.

The times I played though, I was mostly on top of my game. I was skewering opponents left and right, both on quest and off. It did help a lot that for my last 2 quests I was assigned the death splinter too. Though admittedly, the second time was because I threw a tantrum and the website had no choice but to change my quest from fire to death. Not too proud of that moment but hey, it got the job done and fast!









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