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Last 'Share Your World' Contest (#4)


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¡¡Hello friends!!
I love the opportunity that our friend @reonlouw offers us to sponsor a contest in which we must say:
Something about our people, our culture and our country, something that makes you want to visit your country. We must talk about a town, a culture or a country that is not yours that you admire and would love to visit and experience. And very important, tell why.

If you want to participate, enter here: contest


My town is a beautiful, small place where all or almost all the inhabitants know each other and it is very Catholic. This town is called Villa de Cura.

Walk the streets of this town is to be sure that you will find a familiar face, anyone gives you a smile, anyone gives you good morning and offers you a delicious coffee. Where we have a pleasant tropical climate, for many very hot but ideal to walk and enjoy the sun, the freshness of the trees.
Venezuela has been or was a prosperous country that opened its doors to many immigrants, so the cultural variety is incredible, there is a lot of mixture of race and culture.
But there is a point where we all come together and we are believers of God, and most of its people are Catholic.
We have the honor of having in our town "The Holy Sepulcher" Largest, Most Perfect, Most Revered and Most Beautiful.

A curious fact about our saint is that he was not manufactured for our humble town
but it was brought here, by mistake, There are several versions of what happened but for lack of records and for the number of years of what happened there is no sure account, but what is totally certain is that the Holy Sepulcher does not I had Villa de Cura as a destination.
They tell us that another image would come to this town, but in Puerto de La Guaira, in the middle of the disembarkation of the ship that brought the images, they became confused with boxes and moved here to this Holy Sepulcher. Another story says that this image came in the sixteenth century after the shipwreck, on the shores of Ocumare, when the image was transported to another country.
But in both stories the end is the same for things of life the image came to the house of Colonel Jose Tomas Boves, When they came to remove it was not possible to remove it from the house, it became so heavy that there was no human force capable of removing it From that house, since then it can only be taken from the House of Boves or the House of the Holy Sepulcher as it is now called the Good Friday that they do a prosesion, it is this day where we receive thousands of people from all over the world.
There is another Catholic event called The Pilgrimages to Our Lady of Lourdes that is only celebrated in two parts of the world, the main one being in Rome and ours here in Villa de cura, For a week there are mass events, tours to the grotto of the virgin and the calvary. This event is less crowded but just as beautiful, and where you feel an atmosphere of hope, of faith.
So for me the most special thing about my Town is that despite all the bad situation here there is hope, here is Faith.
A very beautiful experience for me is when we meet outside the house of the Holy Sepulcher, we hope that it is 9 am and that our Saint begins his journey, and united with one voice we pray the Our Father.
So it would be that moment that I would recommend for you to live, that moment where you feel the connection with a Higher Self.

I would like to visit the city of Vienna in Germany, I know it is a very distant place and traveling there is very expensive, but I really enjoy the beautiful city, so clean, so orderly, full of so much culture, that mixture of antiquity and modernism .
Many museums, churches, parks, even many of its stone streets, in any corner there is a piece of art, of history.
My curiosity for Vienna intensified here in Steemit I follow many accounts of people who live in Germany but mainly to @vienna and @schamangerbert, they are great showing the beauties of Vienna, I fall in love with Vienna and I hope someday to step on that ground full of magic , of beauty, of history, of love and blessing.

I really enjoy participating in several of these contests, and our friend @reonlouw informs us that he arrives at the end with this fourth contest, I hope that the fun returns soon.
Thanks for the support,
¡¡Greetings from Venezuela!!


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