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Cotton Coin because the Cotton Coin Industry needs a Super hero


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Who Am I?

You can call me the cotton coin man. You can see my costume my cape and even my undies are made up of cotton. You can identify me by looking at my logo.


I am here to save lives in the cotton Industry.

Why does the world need me?

The cotton Industry dates back to 3000 BC. Look at all the high street fashion that uses cotton. Cotton garments sell very well and at a good price in high end stores and online as well. Look around,cotton is an integral part of our lives from clothes, undergarments to bedding everything uses cotton. Yet a fraction of the cost of the cotton garment we pay for reaches the farmer who grows it. The shameful truth is that the cotton farmers work in the fields and face hostile conditions. They are at the mercy of the weather, money lenders, banks who give them loans to buy seeds and later hound them to recover the money.
Middle men who help sell the crops at a fraction of the real cost that they deserve and take all the profits. They work in hopeless conditions till they can no longer bear all this and give up.

The world and specially the cotton industry needs me because almost every 30 minutes a farmer working in the Cotton industry kills himself. Nobody seems to be doing anything about his welfare.
My job is not just to save lives but also align the consumers, the people working in the cotton industry such as the supply chain companies and the governments so that they can work together towards a common goal of improving the working processes in the cotton industry and the working conditions and payments of the farmers toiling relentlessly in the fields in a 3rd world country.
So join me in this epic adventure of a life time by supporting the Cotton Coin project.
Cotton Coin is a cryptocurrency based project that believes in saving lives in the Cotton Industry.
Now that I have your attention let me introduce you to the cotton coin project.

Cotton Coin Saving Lives Through Technology


Cotton Coin integrates consumers, supply chain participants and authorities in one ecosystem. It helps to authenticate cotton sources, track delivery, report issues and monitors cotton prices. Specially in an industry where little has changed over the ages. There is mistrust, lack of information,scams and the payments are delayed to the farmers. A world where delays and middlemen act as villains. The Cotton Coin project tries to achieve what is required of a super hero. It needs to succeed and save the dying oppressed farmers in a world where governments and individuals have failed.

This is what Cotton Coin Would Do
They are using a blockchain to create orderliness, transparency ,trust and reputation based on interactions in the cotton industry.
Cotton Coin is implementing

Instant Payment System

I) Instant Payment System : So that the cotton coin tokens can be used as an alternative to fiat, bypass the corrupt so that payments can be made instantaneously.

Versatile Traceability System


The Cotton moves from the farms to the consumer and on its way it passes through various intermediaries . To streamline the process every step designed to track the movement and the process would look like this.

Industry Management Tool


B2B dapps would be developed and provided to those working in the cotton industry. These apps can work on basic phones and use the camera to scan QR codes and create digital information based on physical cotton consignments.
This information is collected and transmitted at every step of the process and used to create a systematic flow of information that is verifiable.

B2C app
The B2C app helps the consumer scan the QR code on Cotton products and find out about quality and history of the cotton used.
That is not all. Be a part of the Cotton Coin project by buying a master node. A Cotton Coin master node requires you to hold 3000 cotton coin tokens and run the master node. This not only supports the farmers and the cotton coin industry but at the same time makes daily profits.
Currently the master node sale is on and one can contact for more details.



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