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TripleA [AAA] Mentor Programe Final Report


4 months agoeSteem6 min read

Hi Friends,

I have been working for TripleA Mentor program by @beamentor and @rosatravels and this is my final report. I am sharing some a bit information about TripleA and my working, challenges and learning about it.

What is TripleA

TripleA is a platform that is built on Steem blockchain. This is a place to share and read the review about Movies, animations, TV shows, and Web-series, etc. Review post submitted in tripleA gets steem reward along with AAA tokens which listed in Steem-Engine

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.39.57 PM.png

I am a movie lover and every weekend I watch movies and web-series however I never written any review before. I had gone through various reviews before sharing my review here in tripleA. This is my page and you can have a look at it to see a few of my publications.

About Mentor Program and my application

I am a big-time fan of the @beamentor program and have been part of it since the beginning. This program gives the opportunity to connect with people and help them to grow in the platform. Support is a very impart part of steem blockchain and there are many steemians who are helping the community to grow. I enjoy working for this wonderful program because I get the opportunity to connect with people and help to make them understand about the platform. After mentor post by @rosatravels and I had submitted my application to be a mentor for tripleA. Since I was new for TripleA so before applying for the mentor, I published 3 movie reviews and thereafter submitted my application

My AAA Mentees

I have on-boarded a total of 8 users to the AAA platform and all of them have posted 5 or more movie reviews already. Few of them have also received awesome curation by the TripleA team along with whale steem accounts as well. They have also made their Introduction post and I have provided the links below. All of them are so happy that they have joined an awesome platform where they are earning STEEM and AAA tokens for sharing the movie reviews. Here are their TripleA blogs link and intro post so please give them a look and hope you will like it-

S.No.Account NameIntro Post
1-reeta0119Intro Post
2-mukund123Intro Post
3-samartiwariIntro Post
4-shriram19Intro Post
5-sktiwari2019Intro Post
6-prateek1986Intro Post
7-CertainIntro Post
8-cruisIntro Post


I have already worked for mentor programs like Partiko, Actifit and Steemhunt and I know what I am supposed to do but this was quite a new experience for me. In fact, it was quite challenging because its all based on nice content writing and most of new users are not pretty good in that. It took few weeks to make my mentees understand the steps and creating quality content. Few if the users were not okay to write a long post as they were thinking its not worth but I convince them to trust me and start with it. I invested good amount of time to train them instead of finishing the program in hurry. The program was started from 1 Aug and within Aug I had only 3 trained user so I requested @rosatravels for some more time and she helped me to get the extension. I am always focused more on quality and then quantity so I wanted to bring users who can add value with their good quality content. I am happy to share that the review posts are posted with at least 500 words an even more with completely original content. It was challenging to train them but I managed to make it happen however I required some extra time which I think is worth as the outcome is very nice.


Every challenge comes with the scope of learning so this was also the same. As I have mentioned that I had never written any movie review ever so through this program even I got to learn a lot while mentoring my mentees. Learning works both ways and while training them I learned many things to write good content not just in Triple-A but in steemit as well. I learnt because I joined the program and my mentees learned because I helped them. So we all are in a win-win kind of situation.
Few of my mentees got high value upvote in their movie review post by whale accounts like- ocdb and others which gave them a boost to get more active in the platform
They never received such a huge value upvote ever so they are so excited and happy that they joined it and learned how to write a nice post. I think for me its biggest reward as they are happy and they started adding great content and even they will be more active in the steem community.

Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 10.59.09 PM.png

Everyone in steem likes to see original and quality content and TripleA has the same vision. Since TripleA is all about writing so whoever can work with it then the person is already a great content creator in steem. I like to bring more people in steem ecosystem and helpiing them so that they stay active. We are one community and we can grow together so to make it happen with need to move along. Mentor program is indeed a great initiative and I wish to see it growing more and more.

A BIG thanks to @rosatravels @beamentor @virus707 @jayplayco and @segyepark for running this program and giving me the opportunity to become part of this great program and awesome platform.

Here I have shared some reference post which will help to give more details.

My Application for AAA mentor Programe

Progress Report for AAA Mentor Program

AAA Menor Selection Post

AAA Mentor Application POst

Thank you so much


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