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AloDela is my name, a 20 year old from Ghana, West Africa. Finally, i'm here on steemit, which sounds like fun from the way i say it. In reality, it is a mixture of fun, fear and anxiety.

I will be posting about a lot of things; art and science mostly. I am a dancer, artist, physicist, computer programmer, photography enthusiast, blockchain technology enthusiast and some other things i do not remember at this moment. You can imagine the things i will be posting about, adding my African touch.

Africa is a beautiful place and i will love to help the world see that. This is my homeland Ghana.

The idea of making money doing what i am doing already for nothing, sounds fun but if i have learnt anything from the internet so far, it is; to earn some amount, it takes time and much effort and most times investment. People with low resources that tend to move despite the odds get lost in the middle of the pile whilst others, "the gurus", make some good amount from them. I understand that it is the same out here, so i will try to not make this about the money but more about the fun.

With that aside, being new here is a hurdle(all of you can relate to this), so please help me find my way around here. I would love any advice you will give and thanks very much if you do.

Especially how upvoting, following, commenting and all the other stuff we do here affect resources.
Nice meeting everybody, hope we all have a joyful ride.

Thank you.


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