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Hive Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #099 - by Allmonitors


21 days ago

#099 - Off the boat. A family of local has just arrive in Daku island, they came from the main island and just dropped off here maybe because of business. Many tourists are currently in the area which could be one of the reason they arrived.

It was almost noon time and lunch is also almost ready when the boat sailed ashore. They have a child with them too. The weather was sunny and sky was blue.😊


The father unloads all the stuff they have from the boat while the mother gets it and bring it to their nipa hut. She made several returns to get all their stuff from the boat to their house made of nipa. No concrete houses are in this island but all were made of nipas and coconut leaves and bamboo and tree trunks, old school to be specific.😊

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Shot taken in Siargao, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex


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