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A Vampire Eloim Story, Keeper of the Lore. Book 5 part 8.


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Lord Vi stood in the open doorway to his room and relaxed listening to the noise around the building. A great many people were moving, trying not to make a sound. The first group was coming creeping up the stairs towards the floor where he was waiting. Most would not be able to hear the sounds, even those who were of vampire kind but Lord Vi had a knack for being able to hear and sense where people were. It was part of what made him such a deadly warrior, he was always aware of where people were in relation to him.
Steeping into the hallway he walked silently towards the stairs so when three vampires reached the top of the stairs with silenced handguns in their hands he was within striking distance.
“Boo!” Lord Vi shouted causing all three to jump before he quickly swung his sword killing all three in seconds. Picking up two of the handguns he stood and waited and as more vampires came running up the stairs, their attempt as stealth abandoned. While he disliked guns in general Lord Vi was more than proficient in using them and he unloaded both guns into the advancing vampires and watched as all of them fell. Instantly he dropped the guns and picked his sword back up leaping down the stairs to dispatch a couple he had not killed outright.
As he moved onwards he could hear the vampires moving with less caution knowing the element of surprise was lost. Lord Vi could hear the sound of fighting around the house as those of the Paris clan that ran the rest house were being dispatched. As he rounded a corner he found more armed vampires coming towards him. Without thought he jumped into their ranks, his sword swinging in deadly arcs as he cut them down with ease.
Lord Vi moved on and walked out of the door where he saw the priest standing, surrounded by vampires as he directed them in attacking the rest house and the vampires who ran it.
As he began to stride across the courtyard one of the vampire indicated to the priest as he saw Lord Vi. The priest looked over and stepped back as the vampires raised their guns, as they opened fire Lord Vi broke into a run that took him into their ranks even as the bullets ripped into his body. With fury he swung his sword left and right and vampires fell away with deadly wounds as they fell beneath his blade.
The priest finally reacted as Lord Vi got dangerously close and raising his hand he sent a bolt of energy at Lord Vi knocking him from his feet.
Lord Vi struggled to his knees, he knew a new clan war was coming and his death would be the official start it. With a scream of rage he struggled to his feet as the American vampires raised their guns again. He had lived far beyond his natural years and found a love beyond anything he could have imagined. He didn’t feel the new round of bullets that pierced his body, his own death was painless as he remembered a life spent with the woman he loved.

Eloim tried to get free but the hands that held him were iron like in their hold.
“Hold still, I came to help and save you.” his captor said, the voice was strange, the accent heavy.
Eloim relaxed and as he stopped struggling the grip on him relaxed. Looking around Eloim took in his surroundings and realized he was in a strange room he didn’t recognize.
“Where am I?” Eloim asked.
“In a safe place, your enemies can’t reach you here. My brother is trying to get to your father and will bring him here if he can.” the voice said.
“Who are you and what is happening?” Eloim asked confused as the hold on him was released and he heard movement behind him as his captor moved away.
“We have been watching and saw they were going to do you harm so we broke all our laws to rescue you.” the voice said.
Eloim turned around but the room behind him was empty yet he sensed a presence behind a door that was ajar.
“Why would you help me, I don’t know you?” Eloim asked.
“My brother, the one trying to save your father, you gave him confidence to be himself. You are a beacon to those who don’t fit in.” the voice said from behind the door.
“Why are you hiding from me?” Eloim asked.
“It’s what we do, we hide behind doors.” the voice said.
“You’re a Bogeyman?” Eloim asked in shock.
“Yes, we can hide behind any door that isn’t fully shut, we hunt for those doors so we can feed; we also learn things such as the plot to capture you and kill your father.” the voice answered.
“I need to get to my father, I can’t leave him alone to fight off our enemies” Eloim said.
“You don’t have your sword, if my brother can reach him he will bring him here, he would need to be close to an open door for that to happen.” the voice answered.
“Also, you just mentioned you feed at open doors, Not trying to pry but what do you feed on?” Eloim asked.
“Fear is best but any sort of nervousness will do. An open door creates a portal for us, we can step through or drag people through such as I did with you. The trick is not to be spotted, it is painful to us.” the Bogeyman explained sadly.
“I couldn’t reach him.” a second voice said from behind the door. “He was too far away and many enemies attacked him. There were many bodies around him when he fell, I’m sorry Eloim, I failed you.”
“My father is dead?” Eloim asked, the second Boogeyman's words not sinking in.
“We need to get you home, they will attack your family soon. We have done all we can, if our elders found out we did even this we would be punished.” the first voice said. “Please turn around and step back towards the door so we can transport you.”
“Your enemies are many Eloim but it is the priest that unites them.” the second Bogeyman said as Eloim felt hands wrap around him. “Kill the priest and the rest will fall apart.”

To be continued.


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