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Challenge - start making money with 0 funds - 14


2 months agoBusy2 min read


an update to my challenge. As I'm not very active on it, I will post mostly every two weeks. I have another parallel project that eats roundabout 90% of my free time.

If you want to see the real hustle, just follow @steemmatt.

I did a flip this week. Found a bobby car for 8€ in pretty dirty condition, but functioning. So I clean it and inserted it with better photos for 15€. It was gone in less than one hour. The presentation does it all. I always put clean photos so that the object is good seen, always write that we are nonsmokers and our household is animal free. Also mention sideways that we have only one kid. This boosts the number of people who are interested.

If I don't mention any of those I get half of the interests even if the price is better. We tested it with two accounts, both 100% satisfaction and fast reply rate. The one with nonsmoker and animal free household got almost 3 times the inquiries on the same product.


I did do two trash runs this week where I picked over 10 kilos trash, mostly plastic and glass. i did manage to collect 17 plastic bottles and cans. The normal beer bottles of glass, I leave next to the bins so that people can pick them up. It is to much effort to carry many bottles and the return is less, so for me would be a burden and for some guys it means some more survival possibilities.

I do recycle all the plastic, glass and paper that I find. Metal like aluminium, brass and copper I store in the basement and when I have 100-200 kg I do take it to the recycling pound. Well, it is not much and takes a lot of time which can be used much more efficient, but it does something good for the environment.


Do you have a side hustle?



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