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Challenge - start making money with 0 funds - 10


3 months agoBusy2 min read



here is a new episode from my challenge inspired by @steemmatt. Follow him on his mission to make some good money by saving one step at the time our planet. Latest post is 3 days old, so show him some love.

I really wanted to focus more this week on the challenge, but was away for 5 days for work. On 4 out 5 days, I was not alone, so I could not do anything beside the job. I separate my side hustles and my projects from my work. At work they know only about my wife and kid and this shall be enough.

I managed to do a flip this week. I got a bobby car for 5 € and after washing, cleaning, replacing the battery for the music sold it for 13.5 €. I bought the batteries for 1.5 € so that makes a profit of 7 €.


It was an easy find as bobby cars start from 15 €. I wanted to sell it fast and to make a kid happy. My son has a bobby car and a walk bike, so we did not need it.

I'm pretty sure if someone puts time into this, can make an affordable living, with a least 100 €/day in Munich. It is to far from my focus at the moment. I have an idea in mind and might do it if I get the van at the end of the year.

I did a round of trash picking where I manage to get again two IKEA bags full of recycle material. I brought it to the recycle bin.

This time I did not find any bottle or can, so it seems like the guys did not come this week or someone else picked it up. This is also good because it means no trash in my area.

I'm a strong believer that the people influence the surrounding and if there are humans that litter the are comes down fast. This is why it is very hard to improve bad neighborhoods because once it goes down it is hard to pull the area back up.

Do you have a side hustle?



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