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Presenting @steemdelegator !


8 months agoSteemit

In this video Iexplained about the new project I'm running now that's called @steemdelegator.

This project is a kind of continuation of what @nathanmars was doing, but not only in twiter.

We can use @steemdelegator to delegate to those who will promote steem.

The goal is to make steemians create content about steem in all social media, forums and blogs.

Also to invite as much people as we can to steem.

All those who will take part in this will get delegations from @steemdelegator .

We can create contests, we can set prizes and the time of those delegations.

We can also create tasks asking steemians to write articles.

For example there are a lot of crypto forums, for those who will create the most active thread with more views and replies will get 1000 steem power for a month.

Any other ideas are always welcome.

You can also join the discord server to brainstorm the idea :

Let's promote steem to make it grow in the price.

It will be useful for all of us !

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