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There are no compromises: either everything is real or nothing


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A common phrase that we tend to cultivate in an unawakend state is “I am a realist, not a dreamer” as a way of describing our inner Separation and the apparent unchangeability of life circumstances.

As more and more people are awakening from the slumber of Separation and find back to their true Self again, many words or “things” which had been serving to keep up the old construct of fear, competition, judgement, comparison have gone and are going through a re-definition process.

From a perspective of fear the definition of “real” is something that is unchangeable while “unreal” is changeable at leisure. Likewise, the genre of “fiction” had been referred to as “unreal” as it could be twisted and tweaked at will, at least this was the viewpoint of the many Souls still experiencing Separation according to the principle “what I don’t see doesn’t exist”.

A large part of our Awakening process is spent on connecting dots pertaining to cause and effect of things, and quite often this happens in a way we can only raise our eyebrows as to how we could have been so blind to Truth all the time.

Here is an example:

Generally, we can say that within the fear mindset “real” is corresponding with “our lives on Earth”and unchangeable, while “unreal” is corresponding with “fiction” and changeable. In the shift from fear to Love, however, we recognize that our perception, perspective, physical matter has always been universally flowing and changing. As such, that which we assumed to be “real” is perpetually changing and a world which is changing cannot be ultimately “real”.

Zooming in, we only need to take several time periods here on Earth alone to easily see the discontinuities and contradictive nature of fear-based definitions of “real” and “unreal”.


People back in the middle ages didn’t have many of those extraneous items we utilize nowadays, for example TVs or mobile phones, displayed completely different belief systems and consciousness patterns, reflecting itself in highly divergent lifestyles and priorities. In fact, if people in the middle ages had been asked about the possible existence of such items, belief systems and deviating lifestyles, they would have quite probably said:” Don’t fool us, such things and people with such a weird consciousness expression are nothing but fictive!”

Why do they say that? Well, obviously they don’t have these items as a part of their daily lives nor are people sharing our priorities or belief systems .What does that mean? Surely, the people in the middle ages nonetheless regarded themselves as “real” as well. Since they didn’t perceive us and all the “fictive” items like TVs or mobile phones by means of their five senses, they would say that we are “unreal”.

The exact same scenario can be turned around: we are regarding ourselves as "real" while we could easily say they are “unreal” as we cannot directly perceive them anymore in “real action” by means of our five senses, if it wasn't for the historical record of some time periods, which allows for replications of lifestyles or items used within these time frames. However, the moment we lack historical records we ascribe anything to the fiction section.

In the same way, it is irrefutable that hundreds of years ahead people will have changed in awareness and will have inventions and items as part of their daily lives to the extend we would now consider it “unreal” or “fictional” since we don't have them right now or, most essentially, cannot see the mere possibility thereof since the manifestation of these ideas is too far away from our current reality experience.

If we are so stringent and hold on to historical records showing clear 3D “evidence” of humongous discrepancies between past time periods, even without knowing what everything will look like on Earth hundreds or thousands of years ahead, it is unmistakably clear that there ARE going to be changes nevertheless. One only needs to think of our present “today in, tomorrow out”- lifestyles to see how much change is taking place even within the most myopic scope.

Making things "real" is the root of fear, entailing becoming stuck in labels, definitions, and ultimately, false identification.

Realising that everything is "unreal" is the root of Love, allowing for the dissolution of fear, hence liberating us from old labels, definitions, and ultimately, false identification.

Only Love is real, I am Love.

Enjoy your day,



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