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One of the most important things in life is balance.
With anything we do,
anything we eat...
with anything life,
finding our balance creates
a more harmonious life experience.

I am in a transition period and
once again
finding my balance.

Friday was my last day at my job
and now I am officially on my own.
This is be a beautiful thing..
and also extremely challenging.

There's many balls to juggle,
and feeling like
"now I'll have the time"
is a nice thought..
and rather challenging for myself.

You see, I can get quite scatter brained at times..
Even though I am a meditator,
my mind still likes to jump
from one thing to the next.

Editing photos..
Writing a blog..
Posting a vlog..
Respond to that e-mail..
Volunteering at my church..
Volunteering with my fellow Vegans..
Making food for myself..
The list goes on..
and on..

And I don't want to come off
as ungrateful
I am so very grateful
for all of these things.

And I am aware
that organization..
and centering myself
will create balance.

Productivity comes from
and action.

Finding a balance
between all of the responsibilities
my own well being
is my goal.


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