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[Translation][Spanish] The Curious Expedition, from English (1137 words) [N'04]


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Project Details

The Curious Expedition is an open-source project that pursues the translation of the linguistic content of a graphic adventure video game. The game sets the players in the 19th century scenario and encourages them to become ones of the greatest adventurers of human history. To achieve fame and glory, they must explore gigantic uncharted territories –full of countless dangers and treasures– and prove their bravery and ingenuity every step along the way. This goes through a decision-making dynamic that makes unique the path and gaming experience of every player.

Personally, I believe it is an amazing game that boosts imagination and creativity on its players. I encourage you to give it a try, you won't regret it! The development and constant update of this game proves the advantages open-source projects have regarding self-management and improvement.

Ahead, there is the link of the game's webpage:

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

For this translation, I worked on Main Game and Mod: Apes files.

  1. On Main Game, as a proofreader, I suggested the modification of a series of strings. I achieved providing a more accurate translation of them, one that suits the original meanings of the text of the project.


  • Example of the work done:


[I would not allow this creature to kill $name|I had to help $name]. [As I stood in front of $him|I readied my weapon and] it became apparent that [a fight with the Abomination was unavoidable|we had to fight the Abomination].


[No permitiría que esta criatura asesinara a $name|Tenía que ayudar a $name]. [Al plantármele enfrente,|Alisté mi arma y] se volvió evidente que [era inevitable una pelea con la Abominación|teníamos que luchar con la Abominación].

  1. On Mod: Apes, I translated the narrative of an extension of the game. This one, tells the story of an expedition of mighty Ape Men to reach the mystical Golden Cities, gain glory and earn the favor for the Ape Emperor. Publishing the memories of your raids, getting obsessed with haunting dreams of a Golden City, becoming the Chosen One of the Ape Emperor, lots of fun and all kinds of adventures can be found in this master piece of entertainment!

Ape Men.jpg

  • Example of the work done:


$name returned to $his home and lived a secluded life. After some years $he released $his memoirs, which [did not achieve much public attention though|failed to capture public imagination|became a big success and allowed $him to live a financially comfortable life|became an overnight success and made $him the talk of the court].


$name regresó a su hogar y vivió su vida en reclusión. Después de algunos años, publicó sus memorias, las cuales [no recibieron mucha atención pública|no consiguieron cautivar la imaginación del público|se convirtieron en un gran éxito, permitiéndole vivir una vida financieramente cómoda|se convirtieron en un éxito de la noche a la mañana, y le convirtieron en el tema de conversación de la corte].


This translation was made from English to Spanish.

I got plenty experience making translations for this project as an Utopian contributor. This is the first time I collaborate here as Language Moderator of Da-Vinci/Utopian Spanish Translation Team. Besides this project, I have experience translating and proofreading Ancap-ch, Node.js, Byteball Wiki, OroCrm and BiglyBT

Word Count

  • The amount of words translated in this contribution is: 1137.
  • The total amount of words translated in this project (as a Da-vinci/Utopian translator) is: 4323.
Previous Translations of the Project

Proof of Authorship

You can check the translation record in my Crowdin account [here], the activity on the project's Crowdin [here] and a summary of recent additions to the project [here].

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