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Steemit Sandwich Contest Week #88


9 months agoeSteem2 min read


I participate in SSC (Steem Sandwich Contest) #88 hosted by @jaybird.

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 88 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes + Sponsors @gringalicious & @llfarms]

This time I made An Butter Sandwich. After I saw @djynn's peanut butter and banana sandwich made for SSC #86, I wanted to make a sweet one.

Some of you may know "An" or "Anko" from a movie titled Sweet Been (2015). YouTube shows me German language version probably because I'm writing this post from Germany ;)

Sweet Bean (movie) - Wikipeida

Coming back to Anko/An, it is a sweet bean paste made with Azuki beans. Recently I cooked some and was looking forward to making this sandwich.

It is a simple sandwich just with butter and Anko. It's not my invention. There is a famous bread sold at one of the oldest Japanese bakery Kimuraya called "An butter", in which Anko and butter are rolled in baguette dough. Yes, it's my favorite!


  • Toast bread (home baked as always ;))
  • Anko
  • Butter ... excuse me for the amount. I like butter!
  • Pinch salt

I enjoyed the sweet salty oily indulging taste from morning. I'm curious how people react to this Japanese sandwich :D

毎週恒例、サンドイッチコンテストに参加します。ホストの @jaybird さんに感謝!

Steemit Sandwich Contest Week 88 - CONTEST NOW OPEN! - [3 Prizes + Sponsors @gringalicious & @llfarms]

@djynn さんがピーナッツバターとバナナの甘いサンドイッッチを投稿しているのを見て、和ジェリーサンドではないですが、あんバターを作りたい気持ちがむくむく。。。

今回はあんバターサンドにしました。バターの量はご愛嬌。。今朝起きぬけのお父ちゃんに「それははさみすぎだろう」と突っ込まれました。バター大好きです w


パンとあんこといえば、和菓子で有名な虎屋がおいしいあんこのペーストを出しています。新宿か銀座か、小さなお店では食べられるところもあったはず。スプーンですくって食べ出したら私は多分1瓶食べられます www

あんペースト | とらや・TORAYA CAFEオンラインショップ



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