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Why Should I Buy EOS¿✍


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I have been postponing writing this article for a while now 'cause I felt it might end up being too long. The gist is "No one really likes long article". So I am gonna keep it brief and succinct.


Why should you buy EOS?

This is a highly fundamental question and I can answer it for you.

Buy EOS if you want to be rich.

I am definitely not encouraging you to be greedy and money-driven. I am admonishing you to take advantage of an opportunity.

What is the opportunity?

it is the opportunity of cheap entrance. I think every cryptocurrency offers that opportunity. As at July Last Year, EOS was at $0.8, check here , months before that there was an calculated ICO price of $0.081, now it is $8+ . It is meant to still come down to like $7 though.

You wondering if it will increase considerably on the long run. No, it will not (sarcasm). It will blossom instead,beyond what imaginations can bear and that is why no one can really state what the price will be exactly after launch.


My thoughts are based on the promise and expected features of the EOS.IO software. By personal opinion, I really don't think such a good product should perform lesser than envisaged.

Why will EOS increase in price?

There are definitely bad products , products that are traded based on price flunctuations rather than features and problem-solving abilities. EOS.IO is different. This is completely based on ground-breaking/pace setting features.

What are these features?

The features I am about to state are not technical. They are simply feature-reasons for price explosion

  • Anticipation: I try my best to read about cryptocurrency and as far as I have read, this is the most valid crypto-anticipation I have ever seen. It is valid in the sense that, there are real entities looking forward to the launch. Not just that alone, they are publicly stating their position with airdrop supports. In case you don't know, eosdac now has a price value, check IDEX

  • Experienced Team: I have been a tech enthusiast for a really long while now and what I have realised is that every product obeys this equation without exception.


If the team is whack , the product will definitely be.

If the team is inexperienced, the product will face unexpected issues that will beat the experience of the team. This is why its very possible to see good products die

As regards the team, I am not just referring to the EOS.IO programmers. I am referring to the whole of Block One, i think you should read more about them and get wowed.

  • VISION: EOS is not just another product, it is THE PRODUCT. There is a reason why some words starts with THE (THE MATRIX, THE END this is not a movie title). it is for the purpose of emotional emphasis. EOS is The Product. I will probably write about that some day but here is a little gist: EOS is a paradigm shift and it is worth the dedication so many of my contemporaries are giving it.

  • BLOCK ONE HAS GOT YOUR BACK: Block One might not like this statement, they really don't want to appear like that but I seriously believe they are going to be in a supportive position for the whole EOS community and they have 1.5 billon dollars and more to do that. For instance, an apportioned sum of 1 billion dollars has been pronounced to be used as to support projects that will be built on the EOS.IO software. This means there will be a lesser possibility of EOS Startup Failure, that will drive up adoption and what else makes a token/coin more valuable if not adoption.

  • You are too important: Your EOS drives the system. The block producers are meant to produce blocks that keeps the engine running but they can only do that if you vote for them, and you can only do that in respect to the amount of EOS you have. What does that mean? There will be perks , the coin will mean much more than a crypto-tender , it will mean "POWER", i just said that with a Sylvester Stallone's VOICE (with my lip swerving sidewards)

  • You don't want to miss out. I am not driving up your FOMO, NO!. I am just saying every investor does not want to miss out. We all want to laugh when everyone does. If you can't buy it all, buy One. So you can at least say I have EOS . You might wanna say, is it that serious? Yes, it is that serious (LOL)

GOOD NEWS: If you don't buy now, you can always buy later, except the later , the worse (I mean the earlier , the better)

Disclaimer (AGAIN): This is strictly based on my opionion. No more No less. I am not a financial advisor.


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