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How long will our civilization survive?


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 That everything begins also end. This applies to our civilizations as well. When one asks about the lifespan of civilization, a question comes in mind- was the questioner referring to the civilizations like Western civilization, Eastern civilization etc. or the whole human civilization. Possible scenarios may be as such:


Western civilization: It is not possible to predict the exact future of a civilizations but history, political science, science, mathematical models and rational thinking etc. can give us hints about the possible future scenarios. Economic growth, liberalism, Christian way of thinking, industrialization etc. are the pillars of Western civilization. Its roots stems from Greek and Roman civilizations that also collapse under the plethora of factors. Industrial, technological and economic growths have made our life comfortable, but we had to pay a big price for achieving this growth. Pollution, depletion of resources, global warming, destruction of forests etc. have a damaging effect on the climate of our planet. Accumulation of huge wealth in a few hands and the growing number of ‘haves not’ is making the situation worse. Increasing population is adding fuel to the fire.  Exodus from war trodden third world countries can possess a big threat to this civilization as the immigrants and refugees come with their own civilization and thus outnumber the original dwellers who already had adopted the small family norms. So, these factors can lead to the collapse of the western civilization. This can happen before year 2050.

Indian civilization: Indian civilization is mainly based on the tenets of Hinduism. Worshiping of numerous deities, caste based socio-religious discrimination, religious outlook etc. are the main characteristics of Indian civilization. Problems like overpopulation, environmental factors, economic disparity etc. can lead the destruction of this civilization. Gaps between different levels of the society are widening.  It is estimated that population of Muslims will outnumber Hindus in year 2050. So, one day Hindus will become a minority in India. That will lead to the era of Muslim civilization in India.  But, it may never happen because the situations are already worse there. Over population and destruction of nature can lead the collapse of this civilization much before that time. Growing tension between India and Pakistan can invite nuclear warfare between which can lead to complete annihilation of both the nations. This can invite a world war as well.

Arabian civilization: Though Muslims live in many countries and follow distinct culture of there to some extent; the core of Muslim civilization is the Arabian culture. Gradually Muslims all over the world are adopting Arabian culture and going deep in their cocoon. Their population is growing day by day. So, it is possible that Arabian culture will become a main culture of many parts of the world. However, world order will not allow this to happen. Also, depletion of oil from the middle-east will lead collapse of economy of these countries as they don’t have other resources. So, it may not go beyond 100 years from now.

More or less, these conditions are present all over the world. Factors like economic disparity, use of robots in industries, increasing unemployment, cultural wars and dominance of one culture over others, overpopulation, destruction of environment etc. are taking the whole human civilization towards destruction. A nuclear warfare can end everything on this planet. Weather is becoming erratic all over the world-some parts receiving too much rain while other parts are facing severe droughts. Possibility of exhaustion of petroleum resources in 100 years has forced us to search for the alternative sources of energy. But, much before that we may face energy crises that will lead to the collapse of our industry based civilization. Alien invasion, a collision of some heavy heavenly objects, robots' revolt against us etc. are plausible reasons of destruction of our civilization but perhaps that may never happen because our own acts are more dangerous than these things. We are already standing upon a landmine. 

Will world order allow this to happen? I don’t think so. It can start a war or use some biological weapon to destruct much of the population. However, this will also lead to the complete collapse or our civilization. So, it can be predicted that our civilization can survive 100 years more and eventually it will collapse under the pressure of plethora of factors.

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