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In my previous post link I wrote something like this.

When a minnow or a plankton, whose 100% voting value is just equal to or less than 0.01$, upvotes a comment on his/her post (or upvotes own comment), it helps no one because the total payout of just 0.01$ doesn’t bring any benefit to the person who receives this single upvote. I experienced many a time that my comment (or post) which was upvoted with just 0.01$, didn’t bring anything for me as author reward. I came to this conclusion that payout of less than 0.01$ is ineffective because this little amount is ignored for the purpose of payment. You can get payment only when total payout of your post or comment is not less than 0.02$.

Let us see how reward payout system works.

When a post (or comment) reaches payment time (seven days), around 25% of the total payout of the post goes to the curator(s) while out of the total author payout (i.e. rest 75%), author receives 50% in SBD and rest 50% in Steem or SP.
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You can calculate yourself how much will you receive as payout if total payout of your post is less than 0.01$. How much curation reward will be given from total payout of 0.01$ and how much will be the author reward from this small amount? Virtually nothing.
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Therefore, a Minnow, whose voting value at the time of upvoting is less than 0.02$, should not upvote any comment on his post (or upvote his own comment) because it only drains his voting power while brings nothing for the receiver. This is sheer wastage of voting value and voting power.
This suggestion is also for the whales and orcas who adjust their voting power in such a way that their upvote on someone’s comment only remains worth 0.01$ and hence unworthy of any payout.
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Therefore, it is my humble suggestion to the esteemed members of this community that please don’t upvote a comment, instead of it, upvote the post of the person(s) whose comment you liked.

Benefit of upvoting a post.

  • It will be beneficial for the person whose post receives a upvote because a little upvote from many persons will add up and make the post profitable.
  • Your chances of receiving curation reward will increase as the chances of many upvotes in a comment are very rare while a post has more chances to receive many upvote. Hence, a post can be more profitable than a comment. Increasing profitability means more curation reward.
  • Also many users buy votes from bid-post. A post has much chances to receive upvote from bid-bots than a comment has. Hence, chances of more curation reward for the upvoter (s).
  • Above all, receiving upvotes on own post encourages a user because so many upvotes boost the morale and encourages a person to post more quality articles. This is very important for this platform as it enhances retention of users on this platform.
    This is a win-win position for both -the upvoter and the receiver.
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    Thanks for reading.
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    Please note: I want to spread this message to as many members of this community as possible. Hence, I will use bid-bots to promote my post. But I'll use bid-bots on next day only. Hence, your chances of receiving handsome curation rewards are very high, if you upvote this post before I use bid-bots.




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