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French translation of Quasar Framework Documentation, Contribution N°1 (1036 words)


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Project Details :

Quasar is an MIT licensed open-source framework that helps web developers create responsive++ websites/apps in many flavours:

  • SPAs (Single Page App)
  • SSR (Server-side Rendered App) (+ optional PWA client takeover)
  • PWAs (Progressive Web App)
  • Mobile Apps (Android, iOS, …) through Apache Cordova
  • Multi-platform Desktop Apps (using Electron)

Quasar allows developers to write code once and simultaneously deploy as website (SPA, PWA, SSR + SPA client takeover, SSR + PWA client takeover), Mobile App and/or Electron App using the same codebase.

You can have more details about the Quasar Framework here or you can know how to get started here.

Contribution specifications :

Translation Overview

  • This is my first contribution on Quasar Framework open source project;
  • Our LM asked me to work on this project, as it is a partner of Utopian, so I'm happy to get the chance to contribute in the translation of this project ;

In this session

  • It has been a while I did not give any contribution. I first tried to understand the new system that is set. I also took my time to have a look at the details of the project so as to give a good translation ;
  • The project contains one string ;
  • I translated 23% of the project into French, and I'll try to reach 100% translated words asap, but with a good quality translation of course.
  • Most troubles I found was within translating some long sentences that contain less punctuation such as: "No matter what licensing approach the original author / copyright holder takes, it is always appropriate to retain copies of these licenses in the repository hosting your work should it use open-source licensed works of third parties.". Actually, it took me considerable time to give the write translation keeping the same meaning. I finally proposed: "Peu importe l'approche de licence qu'adopte l’auteur original / le titulaire du droit d’auteur, il est toujours approprié de conserver des copies de ces licences dans le référentiel d'hébergement de votre travail au cas où des licences ont été utilisées par de tierces parties.". I hope @leyt would like this version.


  • The translation was from English to French;
  • In general, it was not that hard for me to translate the text. Thanks to our LM directives, I always was able to give some good translations. I would like to thank him for his trust, and I hope I'll be up to his expectations.

Word Count

  • Total word translated: 1043
  • Untranslated words: 17
  • Final count: 1036

Proof of Authorship :


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