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Steem-Engine and D.Tube are partnering up!


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Great news! The Steem-Engine and D.Tube teams are partnering up to bring you ScotTube!

What's Scot, Scotbot and ScotTube?

Scot is a smart contract organizational token. You can use the word "Scot" like the word coin or token, but it's specific to living on the steem-engine platform.

Scotbot is a voting program that allows us to distribute rewards through proof-of-brain similar to how steem distributes rewards, but now the settings are customizable and it's your Scot.

You can see those rewards displayed on sites like Nitrous, an enhanced fork of condenser where content discovery and rewards are powered by your own Scot token, on your own domain name.

We're working on ScotTube, something similar to Nitrous, but now focused on video through partnering with D.Tube. So, you post videos up and they get rewarded in Steem and your Scot. ScotTube displays rewards on your custom site in your custom Scot!

Why does this matter?

There's really only going to be a handful of winners for who gets to show videos of everything to everyone, but for the rest of us there's going to be a need to have curated content. You just want to watch cooking shows? Make a ScotTube that focuses on that. Want one for a particular game? Make a video channel just for the game.

Curated content is the future. The internet has everything, but it's too much of a pain to search. Get content that's focused, good, and curated in one place and the internet will reward you for it.

How will it work?

Pricing hasn't and isn't being announced publicly right now, but Scot and Scotbot are moving from monthly payments to staked eng requirements. Having an instance of ScotTube will increase how much eng you have to have staked, but won't cost anything beyond owning (or renting delegated) stake.

We're getting the details worked out now

In the end there will be a form on the steem-engine launch site to make your Scot, Scotbot instance, and choose how many different UIs (Nitrous, ScotTube, others) you want to be able to display your scot rewards through. ScotTube will be one such option and we're stoked to bring it to the public soon!


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