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A Poorly Connected Network Cable Can Be a Difference Between a Gigabit (1 Gbps) Connection and 100 Mbps Connection


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If your internet speed is more than 100 Mbps, or let's say it's 200 Mbps and then you noticed that it seems to be slow. You tried to test your internet speed by using and then you found out that you are only getting LESS THAN 100 Mbps.

You would be surprised because a couple of weeks ago you are getting more than 100 Mbps of internet speed but then you suddenly not able to get more than 100 Mbps of your internet speed.

At first, of course, you would think that it is your internet connection that is actually getting slow so you tried to you restart your modem or router to fix the problem but to no avail, because you are still getting LESS THAN 100 Mbps of internet speed.

I actually experienced this kind of situation more than three times. So, I think it would be worth it for me to write this article so that it will be of help to someone that could be having the same problem as I do.

The narrative is exactly the same as I previously mentioned. But then an idea popped-up into my mind that I should check my network connection status. And boom, the current speed of my network is only 100 Mbps instead of 1 Gbps.

Watch the video below on how you are going to check your current network speed

What could be the problem

If your network connection speed is only 100 Mbps and your internet speed is about 200 Mbps you are not going to get a speed that is more than 100 Mbps if your network connection is only 100 Mbps.

So, how you are going to fix it? As the title of this article implies, you may have a badly connected network cable. Sometimes you just need to unplug your network cable then plug it again at both ends.

If it did not do the trick you may have to tighten the RJ45 connectors of your cable on both ends using a crimping tool if you don't such a tool you may need to buy a replacement of your network cable.

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