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NewSteem Slot's and Proof of Spin! (We've got Slots Baby) Win 10 Steem.


9 months ago


In keeping with our mission which is to support users and projects that are fun and good for the Steem Economy.... We've Got #NewSteem Slots

We are a Proud sponsor of BROsino - the #1 FREE Online Casino!

I have to tell you they did beautiful work on the #NewSteem Slots and this fun and user-friendly Casino App.

This slot machine currently offers our largest winning slots combination with a payout of 160x your bet amount for landing on five of the ADSactly coin symbols! That means one 50-credit bet on one line can win up to 8000 credits!

The BROsino is 100% FREE to play...but free credits can be cashed out for STEEM! Visit the Free Credits page for more information.

If you like playing for free and winning, be a bro sponsor too!

The first 10 people to go log in at and take a screenshot of playing BROsino will receive 10 Steem each.

In this case, we are talking about PROOF OF SPIN. POS. :) Post your Proof of Spin in the comment section.

Make Steem Fun Again.



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