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ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds (Part 27)


3 months agoSteemit4 min read


Hello Steemians! The ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds series is designed to be a sort of platform for sharing some of my greatest works with @adsactly readers.

Many of the verses I've shared and continue to share were written in collaboration with a friend of mine.

Others were written as solo projects and some made their way to the recording booth.

I've got another special piece for @adsactly readers today, this is a short verse which is designed for readers to 'sing-a-long'.

The background music I wrote it to has been embedded below. I dare you to give it a shot!

I really hope readers enjoy these and let me know what they think about them.


Illustrious illusions need no conclusion replacement or substitution forgive me for my sins request absolution the remedy is proven shot of goose gets the tongue loose two more shots startin to look like Albert Einstein hypothesis proven.

Sometimes it ain't easy to seperate reality from a dream. Seeing blue laser beams space aliens wearing polkadot jeans... Thinking to myself damn that really must be some potent green...

Its up to you to choose how ya livin' it and if life's a dream then keep it riviting distributin good vibes equally amongst the good times.

Subjective it seems.. Might these be some good rhymes? More likely they're just words crafted into sentences aimlessly keyed along'the'screen blind.

To walk a straight line or resign from societies typical laws both would play a role in the future gifts you'll receive from the jaws of fate.

Would we rather be young and dumb or old and educated? See wisdom is demonstrated after follow through of thoughts contemplated and if we act upon the wrong choice the consequences could just be devastating.

No use relating to the moral cause the moral was lost in the pursuit of getting to the top but something forgotten along the way was the kindness that we had for our fellow human beings and how could I forget my friends, the loved ones that had my back.

So how will it end?

No that ain't me, and that ain't how I'll choose to make it to be.

See we gotta believe in something or else we believe in nothing so I'll choose to believe in the light over the darkness and I'll emanate this love to eliminate the heartless.

Know that I've got your back regardless. Time to get started check the boxes change this world to the world I want it be no more time to waste cause I got a long list cross each entry off methodically and in due time its completed with ease.

And if you're feelin the flow then know that that's how you rock a beat.

Want to sing along?

This piece was very fun to create. It just came so easily and really was a lot of fun to perform. Give it a try yourself and see if you can find a nice cadence for it.

No matter what, I'd very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about these, what you liked or didn't like, I'd love to hear your opinion either way!

Authored by: Zentalk

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