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ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds (Part 26)


3 months agoSteemit3 min read


Hello Steemians! The ADSactly Poetry : Lucid Lyrics Designed to Expand Minds series is designed to be a sort of platform for sharing some of my greatest works with @adsactly readers.

Many of the verses I've shared and continue to share were written in collaboration with a friend of mine.

Others were written as solo projects and some made their way to the recording booth.

I've got another special piece for @adsactly readers today, this is a short verse which is designed for readers to 'sing-a-long'.

The background music I wrote it to has been embedded below. I dare you to give it a shot!

I really hope readers enjoy these and let me know what they think about them.



Keep it on the 24/7 hustle.

If you're ready for the rumble, might just mingle with some trouble.

Don't get caught... Watch it all burst like a bubble...

Just keep it all in order so it don't look like a muddle.

Who knows which way to go and is this the right shuttle.

Supplement those activities and flex a bit of muscle put a bit of elbow grease in just to keep it on the level.

If you staying on the mission still lookin for a double or a triple said to me it looks so simple.

My love for hip hop has just been rekindled.

Disconnect from the world cause I'd rather be single.

Looking at me like a stranger so I guess its time to mingle.

Keep it fresh and crisp like a big bowl'a'pringles.

And your keepin' up with game so you must've learned the lingo.

Or ya stuck in Mexico nowhere to go like a sad gringo.

I'm just keeping it real like my name was Ringo crossing bars off like its a game of bingo.

Want to sing along?

This piece was very fun to create. It just came so easily and really was a lot of fun to perform. Give it a try yourself and see if you can find a nice cadence for it.

No matter what, I'd very much like to know your thoughts and feelings about these, what you liked or didn't like, I'd love to hear your opinion either way!

Authored by: Zentalk

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