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ADSactly In The News - 08/11/2019


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In The News

Welcome to our new weekly series, where we review some of the highlights of events that have happened all over the world. We would also love to hear from you, regarding what topics you would love to see us cover, or maybe there is some interesting news you might have stumbled upon, then please let us know.

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SteemFest⁴ live from Bangkok

It's that time of the year again, the fourth annual Steemfest is currently underway and this time it is being hosted in Bangkok. It officially started on the 6th of November, but if you are tuning in to watch from this side of the world the conferences only began yesterday and this morning was the second conference was aired, and we have linked the official YouTube channel for @Steemfest below in case you might have missed any of the live broadcasts and want to catch up on everything that happened. (Click the image below to read more...)

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US And China Take Another Stab At Trade Talks

The U.S. and China are coming closer to lifting some trade tariffs in what appears to be the beginning of a potential trade deal, China’s commerce ministry announced, although doubts among U.S. officials as to the specifics of a deal remain. This news comes after Trump met with Chinese officials in October and announced that the two countries would work together begging November. China has bee taking a lot of flack in the news lately when the truth of how companies enforce policies on what the Chinese government does not like in media, and how these companies do whatever they can to make sure they do not lose any money or jeopardize the relationship with China. (Click the image below to read more...)

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Trump Jr Torches The View

Donald Trump Jr. blasted a far-left co-host of ABC’s “The View” during an interview on Thursday during an interview that was suppose to be about his new book Triggered. The entire interview ended up being revolving around the Ukraine whistleblower and Trump Jr being falsely accused of outing his name, but he completely debunked it as it was an article he retweeted. He also then highlighting ABC’s current scandal involving convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, probably best not the throw stones from glass houses right? (Click image below to read more...)

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Black Friday Sales Have Already Started

US company Best Buy is going all out this year for Black Friday and has started rolling out deals on tons of Apple gear available with significant discounts. Best Buy is matching or setting the all-time lowest prices on the Apple Watch Series 4, this year's MacBook Air, the brand-new 10.2-inch iPad to name but a few. Unfortunately, it's not something I could even partake in, as here in South Africa you never get a great discount on tech, it's much more focused on food retailers, and the worst Black Friday videos you have probably seen originate from here. I'm all for good deals on new stuff, but not just for the sake of new things, and not at the expense of acting like crazed animals. (Click the image below to read more...)

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Companies Bail On Facebook’s Libra Project

Mastercard, Stripe and eBay are reportedly among the most recent companies that are pulling out of Facebook’s highly controversial cryptocurrency project. The companies said in a statement they respect the project, but are shifting their focus to other efforts. There is speculation from both sides regarding Libra, one is that of the people and the concerns are if Facebook can be trusted with people money and that much power. The other side is the governments have the same concern only because it would destabilize the own currencies and financial control. (Click the image below to read more...)

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Let us know your thoughts on the happenings of this week... What did you think? Did anything crazy or interesting happen near you? Tell us about it in the comments

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