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ADSactly Folklore -The mystery of the lagoon


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The Mystery of the Lagoon

Hello, dear readers. This weekend I was away from mbooks and made a trip to a tourist area of my country, Venezuela. Although the roads were a little damaged, the landscape offered us green vegetation, a dark blue sea and many smiles that Venezuelans still have to give away. Along the way, regarding the fact that we saw the famous Laguna de Campoma in the distance, we remembered some legends that our grandparents told us about the birth and the mystery that surround many of these places of water. We will talk about these legends today.

When I was a little girl, I clearly remember that my grandmother, who was a Cumanagoto Indian, told me many of the legends of Venezuelan folklore. In particular, although I was very afraid of many of these stories, I asked her to repeat them again and again until I knew them by heart. Like me, I imagine that there are many people interested in knowing the fantastic stories and legends of the people. As for my weekend trip, today let's talk about the mysteries of some lagoons:

Campoma Lagoon

Let's start with Campoma Lagoon. This lagoon is located in the state of Sucre, the state where I live, and in a small town that gives the name to the lagoon, Campoma. In this lagoon the water burns at least once a year. It is not uncommon to be in the lagoon and see fire coming out of it.

Legend has it that this fire is due to the unfortunate spirits of two lovers, belonging to the Cumanagotos caste, an ethnic group that lived in the central-eastern part of the country. These two young men, Princess Taia and Coare, a simple farmer, were in love, despite the refusal of the princess's father, who engaged her to a foreign warrior. It is said that on the day of the marriage, as Taia advanced towards the altar where the foreigner awaited her, Coare cried behind a tree.

When Taia was just passing by the lagoon, she threw herself into the water and Coare immediately threw himself into the water. It is said that at that moment a great flame erupted from the waters of the love that was extinguished at that moment. They never found the bodies of the lovers and every year, in the hottest season, local residents and tourists can see the waters of the lagoon catch fire.

Lagoon of gold

Another famous lagoon is known as Lagoon of Gold, located in the state of Barinas, in a town called Dolores. This enchanted lagoon shines with a golden glow, especially at dusk. Many of the people who have visited this lagoon say that they have seen in the middle of the lagoon a golden canoe and a beautiful woman sitting on the boat. Those who have seen her say that she is a woman who combs her long shiny hair with a gold comb. Legend has it that men, seeing that beautiful woman, jump into the waters of the lagoon and thousands of snakes catch the victims by submerging and drowning them. They also say that in this lagoon strange fish can be found that in the end are the souls of the disappeared. I have heard that people, even if they are hungry, do not eat these fish.

Black Lagoon

If there is one place in Venezuela that is full of mysterious and enchanted lagoons, it is the state of Merida, one of the highest states in Venezuela. In this state there are about 20 lagoons, all supposedly haunted and full of mysteries that still remain in the minds of the locals today. It is said that in most of these lagoons there are the famous momoyones or enchanted ones, paranormal creatures, protective spirits that take care of the lagoons. That is why it is recommended that when visiting them you go in groups and with a guide. It is believed that if tourists disturb the tranquility of these places, a dense mist appears or changes the landscape so that people get lost and nobody finds them. I remember visiting many lagoons on my many trips to Merida, and some of them are really scary. I especially evoke the Black Lagoon.

Leopoldo Lagoon

Another lagoon I've heard of is the famous Leopoldo Lagoon. This lake is located in one of Venezuela's most impressive and unspoiled states, Amazonas. It is said that the Indians who live in the area called it Paraka Wacho, but after an expedition that made Leopold III of Belgium in the area where the lagoon, renamed it with the name of Lake Leopold.

To reach this place you must make a trip of at least 6 days. The mystery of this lagoon lies not only in the black color of its waters, nor in its location that is on top of a mountain and that for a long time was believed to be the crater of a volcano, but the lagoon does not reach any river, so it is believed to be filled underground.

The depth of this lagoon is 33 meters so it is not recommended to bathe in it. People who have seen this lagoon up close, say they feel a strange force, like a magnet, that drags them towards its dark waters.

Just like these lagoons, there are infinite places in Venezuela where ghosts appear, where trees walk and laugh, wells that keep secrets, old and haunted houses, people who become animals to do their misdeeds and go unnoticed, rituals that help heal diseases, but also conquer hearts. Our country is full of legends, anecdotes and beliefs that maintain all the fantastic imaginary that identifies us as a people. In short, Venezuela is the land of the incredible, the unreal and the amazing.

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Written by: @nancybriti

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