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Introducing Adiwa Thrive! A Hive Curation Magazine and a Community Editorial Project like no other!


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Adiwa Thrive is a Magazine that will be curating excellent content all over Hive in a broad range of topics, from mindful life, to art and music, to gardening and ancestral medicines. We'll also be creating our own original editorials on a weekly basis, taking advantage of our members' unique styles and experiences.

The first part of our name comes from a word used by the Wotujja (Piaroa) people in Southern Venezuela, which embodies more a feeling than a particular meaning. Adiwa is Being in the Moment, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance, Flow, Wholesomeness, Awareness and many other things, all related with embracing Life to the fullest. The second part aptly came from mixing Hive and Tribe together, and perfectly embodies what we want to encourage and share: a sensation of fulfillment and growth, of expansion and collective cooperation.

The Adiwa Thrive Team is made up of five talented people, all with a specific background, a field of expertise and a particular focus. Each of us will identify with an animal totem, an element and a Platonic Solid, in order to align our energies and vibrations with these entities.

This is us!

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The Hummingbird


My name is José (@joseacabrerav). I'm a Venezuelan musician and producer, and through my artistic process I seek greater awareness of mind, body and spirit. I study frequencies and actively use them in my work. My purpose instills in me a desire to share messages of faith, beauty and self-discovery through sound and harmony.

As a member of Adiwa Thrive, I'll be working on the section of the Hummingbird, connected to the element of fire, as an expression of communication between various areas and the manifestation of the spirit through artistic disciplines. Therefore, I'll be curating content fostering consciousness through art, specifically music for mindfulness. I'll also publish original editorials on these topics.

May every step we take be a seed for tomorrow, to encourage the natural growth of all things cared with love!

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The Rabbit


I'm Ney (@neyxirncn). I'm a mom, an artist and, primarily, I'm a student of the Medicine of Women. You can find different treats of my life in my personal account. However, in Adiwa Thrive, I invite all women to go down down the rabbit hole with me, just as Alice did. Or do you think that was a simple dream?

The Rabbit is one of the spirit animals of the Moon, and every week from now on, the Rabbit of Ether will be our guide and initiator on the ancient truths of women. Alquimia Lunar - Moon Alchemy - will be the space for all women to unite, explore ourselves and honor our sacred femininity. I deeply believe we heal better in community; united we are stronger, and only when we acknowledge other women will we discover our magic and power.

Alongside Mujeres del Mundo - Women Around the World, I'll be making a curation focusing on empowering and celebrating the voice and work of all women in Hive.

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The Monkey

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Hello, my name is Rafael (@acurewa), my totem will be the Air Monkey and I'll be heading the "Monkey's Alchemical Lab" curation column, where I'll be writing and exploring stories of psychedelic healing and the study of the mind. I'll also be curating content on how to make our own medicines and tools, plant and tend to our own gardens, grow our own food and similar topics. Last but not least, I'll be reviewing interesting content on videogames, technology, cryptos and blockchain.

Just like my teammates, I'll share a weekly editorial called "Acurewa's Garden of Thought", dealing with all sorts of information about Hive, the Cryptosphere, digital finance and much more.

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My name is Irene (@auelitairene). I'm an engineer by trade but I live every day as a passionate artist, creating productions founded on love and respect. I honor my lineage by being everything I admire in my ancestors; I walk the path of learning from the wisdom that our native tribes offer us.

As a member of Adiwa Thrive, I'll be working with Diyocoi, the sacred Deer of the Wotujja culture which also represents the Earth. Therefore, all of the future earnings of my curation column will be donated to the foundation that bears the Deer's name.

Week by week, I'll be curating content concerning Nature, the connection to Pachamama and her work, as well as natural medicine and vegetarian cuisine.

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The Turtle


My name is Javier (@drrune). I'm a Storyteller, a translator and designer, with experience in oracles and methods of divination, particularly the Runes and Astrology, and I also study various kinds of occult practices and ancient mystical traditions.

As a member of the Adiwa Thrive Team, I'll manage the Turtle Column. The Turtle is an expression of emotional awareness, foresight, memory, dreams, protection and motherly support. Therefore, I'll be focusing on content pertaining Mindfulness, Meditation, Dreams, Magic, Spirituality, Narratives and similar topics, while also curating Illustration and Design, particularly connected with these areas of exploration.

I bid you welcome to the Thrive Move and I sincerely hope that you may also feel the essence of thankfulness, loving embrace, freedom and joy expressed in our motto: Adiwa!

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This project wouldn't be possible without the support invaluable of @NaturalMedicine and @imagenius, as well as our dear @riverflows and many other wonderful members of the community who have been believed in us and helped us grow with their delegations. We're proud and honored for their vote of confidence.

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This project is supported by Lotus Token

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