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The Colour Of Mood


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Blue and yellow are two of my favourite colours. That's nothing out of the ordinary. Blue is the most beloved colour there is, apparently. If you think about it, it's also the most abundant colour in our world.

For a significant part of our existence, we're looking into the blue. The sky is blue (outside England and Wales). The oceans are mostly blue. Ironically, neither of these are actually truly blue at all. [So Physics! Much wow! 🤓]


Yellow is the perceived colour of the sun, giver of life on our planet. When the sun is hidden from us, either by clouds or the night, we yearn for this life force. This is all whether we realise it or not. In the parts of the world where the sun is less available, you can observe its appreciation at the various seasides. In these ceremonies, devotees wear as little as possible and lay still basking in the rays of the sun. Those seeking a higher connection with the sun can be seen taking annual pilgrimages to more tropical zones of the earth.

I've been looking at some articles about colour psychology.

Here is a good article from whence I pulled the extracts below

BLUE: One of the world's favourite colours, blue is called the colour of the mind and is described as soothing, tranquil, serene and orderly. Blue is said to boost productivity and is therefore often used to paint office walls. To project an image of security, advertisement companies often use blue while marketing their products. However, it can also be a sign of aloofness, sadness or unfriendliness and this is said to be because of the apparent drop in pulse rate and body temperature upon exposure to blue.

Incredible isn't it? In colour science, Blue is on the cold end of the spectrum. Photographers and videographers / cinematographers are very aware of this and take advantage when controlling the mood of a scene. Yellow, is on the warm end of the spectrum.

YELLOW: Yellow is often considered to be a cheerful and warm colour that is sure to lift our spirits and self-esteem. However, it is also one that causes the most eyestrain if one looks at it for too long due to the huge amount of light reflected. Although described as sunny, yellow can also give rise to aggression and frustration.

I just love the contrast of these two colours, especially juxtaposed in this way, looking up at it. It gives the impression of a sunny day. The emotions I access from the various possibilities is happiness. I also feel hope and elation.


Here is another photo with similar colours. In this one though, the blue is washed out by greys and the yellow is concentric within a yellow-orange hue. It gives the impression that blue and yellow are going away. The height of the street lights also gives a sense of distance and aloofness.

The energy I get from this photo is one of fading happiness and nostalgia of the good old days. It's what the Brazilians and Portuguese refer to as saudade. It's a kind of negative emotion that we actually enjoy, if that makes sense.

A lot of popular photography 'filters' create this effect, which is why they're so popular. Film photography can often paint this kind of image too, especially photos that are actually old. Again, it's why I believe they're so popular.

I think we underestimate the effect of the colours we surround ourselves with generally. What we paint our homes, the colours we wear, e.t.c, all have an effect. Understanding what these colours do to us is key to taking control of our moods. After all, colour is an indication of the frequency, and frequency is an indication of light energy reaching you. You see where I'm going with this?


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.


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