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I was thinking about which type of Treason requires which punishment and seems obvious.

For example, if one is occasionally stealing an item, taking a pic or file and selling it/them to the enemy, that would seem to be one kind of Treason and fully deserving of the minimum 20 years in jail.

If a meat puppet on the globalist propaganda media knowingly spreads false information or creates false information that they and others spread, then that should easily also fall into the minimum 20 year category. Same for the true nobodies in government goaded or conned into supporting what the Traitors are spreading - and if no other crimes like leaking classified info etc. occurred - then also, minimum 20 years.

BUT - Being on a continuous payroll and fulfilling ones paid-for Treason on a continuous basis, often even unscripted and expected and trusted by the enemy to continue the required Treason 24/7/365 regardless the number of American citizens killed or injured through such Treason, is, I maintain, a different level of Treason and deserving of more than the minimum 20 years plus fine.

Couldn't the second group of Traitors be dealt with according to the seriousness of their Treason?

  1. Cancellation of all political rights.

  2. Forfeiture of all funds/property as proceeds of crimem including any and all monies already gifted or willed to a relative.

  3. Minimum 5 years solitary confinement in a SuperMax with allowance for one visitor per year.

  4. Execution on anniversary of end of 5th year in jail.

  5. Body burned, ashes scattered at unknown locations.

I think America can start to heal when those in the second group from government, law enforcement and globalist propaganda media meat puppets, are first sentenced, we will slowly heal over the next 5 years knowing those Traitors will never be seen in public again and the celebration on that Grand 5 Year Party - no, not televised as nobody will want to see the image of the Traitors, even in death - will be a National Release and give rise to the full-blown National Rebirth!


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