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CERN: Dr. Katherine Horton

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Dr. Katherine Horton is a particle physicist who worked on CERN and researches systems processes whereupon she ran into corruption and began investigating that — whereupon she discovered herself under technological assault

Dr Marko is a corporate systems analyst.

In this interview they discuss the pathology of corporations, especially the Crown Corporation and the Vatican. They discuss how to dissolve them when they become harmful.

Name of the interview:

Dr. Paul Marko and Dr. Katherine Horton: The Crown Corporation & Slay the Dragon! (Stop 007)

2.5 hours long

watch the first 4 minutes before chucking this video

they are fighting the deep state

and are part of a group of scientists who are aware of the challenge

It's a wild world, and "all the psychopaths rise to the top"

"they are so deep they are three or four layers in"


She shows where she found implants with a bug detector.

Not for the faint of mind.

Group is called "Techno Crime Fighters." She lives in Switzerland. Horton's channel covers a little of everything techie that can be weaponized. Her theory is that globalists use corporations to fight against humanity.

"The Crown Corporation is bigger than the U.S. – bigger than Europe."


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