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Actifit Two-Week Signup Competition: 200 STEEM Top Referrer Reward + Earn For Each Signup


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Following the last successful Charity Rewards competition we ran two weeks ago, today we bring you another major Actifit competition, this time for signing up new Actifitters!


We have been preparing our website to make it easier for new signups to manage their Steem experience and STEEM funds/rewards.
We are moving closer to making this experience much easier, and the time is right to start further expanding Actifit to the world!

Our target via this new competition is to open the doors to bring in new actifitters from outside the Steem blockchain - we don't really know why they haven't joined yet :D . We want to give them additional incentives to do so, but also reward YOU (not that you really need the motive, yet we believe you deserve to be rewarded) to help them join!

How does the competition work?

  • You have 2 weeks to let your friends, acquaintances, family, or the whole world know that there is an amazing platform and community called Actifit on a great blockchain called Steem, that rewards them for being active and living healthy.
  • For every successful signup you bring in, you will receive a DUAL reward: 5 STEEM + a min of 13 AFIT tokens. (The actual amount of AFIT tokens depends how much they pay for the signup as the more they pay the higher AFIT the new signup receives)
  • The top 3 who refer the highest number of refers will share a total of 200 STEEM, as detailed further below.
  • We already have a referral system in place that we launched few weeks back. You need to use your referral link from our website for new signups to join. Your link will be similar to the format
    You do need to be logged in to get your referral link and successful referrals.


You can easily copy the link, or just share it directly to any of the social media or other communication mediums.

  • Our existing referral system already rewards you 20% of AFIT tokens the new signup receives (around 13 AFIT at this time), yet for this competition, we decided to increase those rewards.
  • We decreased the minimum signup cost to 5$ (in STEEM value) from 10$, to make it easier and less costly for signups to join. New signups need to use and your referral link, whereby they will receive a wealth of incentives, as follows:


So basically, the user is getting a free STEEM account, a min of 66 AFIT tokens for a 5$ investment, 10 SP delegation for a month, as well as daily Actifit rewards (STEEM upvotes + AFIT tokens) for posting activity reports.
Oh and top that with healthy life style and a wonderful community!

  • You can signup the new comers yourself! You can handle filling their signup page and sending STEEM on their behalf. Just make sure to use your own referral link while logged in, and sign your friends up.

The Prizes

Per Successful Referral Reward

As we mentioned above, during this 2 week period you earn for each successful referral:

  • 5 STEEM + 13 AFIT tokens (minimum, depending on how much they invest).
Grand Prize

The top three users with the most referrals will also be eligible to win the mega reward of 200 STEEM, as follows:

  • Top referrer wins 50% of the prize, equal to 100 STEEM.
  • Second top referrer wins 30% of the prize, equal to 60 STEEM.
  • Third top referrer wins 20% of the prize, equal to 40 STEEM.


Competition Starts now! You have two weeks to bring in new actifitters and participate in this competition (end of day February 11th (GMT+2)), following which we will announce the results and distribute rewards.
Do you need more incentive to bring people on board? now is your chance, let's go !!

To delegate to Actifit, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

Consider voting for Actifit as witness


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