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EOS - First EOS Derivative Chain Still Not Live


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Who Are EOS Evolution

The Evolution project team decided to fork the code (not the chain) as they did not agree with some of the ​fundamental principles and​ decisions that the 'core' team had implemented. They currently​ seem to have a ​major beef with​ the governance and voting structure the current​ EOS model uses, and coincidentally​, the RAM situation that is hot news right now.

The Evolution project will NOT be a fork of the chain as they will be launching​​ a genesis block of their own, and not forking (the chain has the same contents from a certain point) from the currently​ running blockchain. Not only that, but they will also be changing the governance system to a model they believe is in true alignment with​ the foundational​ principles of cryptocurrency.

There mission statement:

While EOS has developed a powerful infrastructure for Blockchain Applications, the Governance Structure and Block Producer ownership model leads to highly manipulated compensation and hinders the ​development of the EOS community. We’ve analyzed the governance structure and ownership rights of BPs (block producers) offered by BlockOne​ and determined it best to realign voting rights and BP ownership to achieve true decentralization.

A lot of the community was​​ screaming "Scam" when this project was heavily advertising itself on the many forums out there, I tried to keep an open mind, but I think I have reached the limit of excuses I can take.

Is This Real?

As much as I think their intentions are great, I have been following this project​ for a while now, and it seems the team continually move the goal posts to delay an actual​ launch of a chain. First, they were waiting for the ERC-20 airdrop to complete, that seems to be taking a​ ridiculous​ amount of time​, there are still regular talks of the airdrop​ in the Telegram channel to this day. Those who registered their​ ERC-20 address​ to the EOS Eth smart contract​ where airdropped tokens (some of them anyway), every member that has the tokens received​ the exact same amount of the EVO tokens (12,287) regardless of how many EOs they held before​ the snapshot. How do you gain access to these tokens, you will need to use the exact​ same private and public key that you used on the EOS mainnet on the ​chain that the EVO team launch​, sounds suspect​ right? Now they seem to be making major code updates to address​ issues seen in the live EOS chain, but when will that ever end if you are chasing your tail constantly.

As mentioned above, the team now seem to be focusing on how they will implement RAM distribution​ differently​ than the main EOS code chain, jumping on the bandwagon of all the naysayers​​ out there, here is what they​ have to say about it:

Evolution’s four tiered solution to RAM speculation aims to serve developers with a common structure found when purchasing instances from cloud or shared hosting services. This simplifies and bundles resources into various packages preventing specific resources from being directly abused by investor speculation. With the following set of solutions, Evolution is aiming to achieve 600MM active user accounts on a main chain architecture:

  1. Removing RAM Speculation & Bancor Liquidity
  2. Staking for 30 days & Resource Bundle Tax
  3. Restructuring EOS Main Chain Responsibilities
  4. Limiting Main Chain RAM

All they seem to be doing​ is following the progress of the current chain, and as issues crop up shout "We will do it better than that". This has just become complete nonsense​ now, you cannot continually​ say​ that you will be launching a chain that is superior​ to the current​ version of EOS without​ actually delivering anything. if they continue​ to play this game, they will never release​ anything which is my current stance on the matter​, as although EOS is great it is not perfect, more issues will be found. Believe​ it or not,​ Dan is only​ human and course correction will need to happen, the difference​e is that the live version of EOS is acknowledging these issues AND addressing them with real solutions.

​Are​ there any supporters​ of the Evolution project out there that can maybe help me understand why this project is nothing​​ more than vaporware​?


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