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Suggestion or Observation about rewards displayed as SBD and SP even on scotbot sites liek


6 months ago2 min read

so is there like, a feature for receiving STAKED rewards? or al all my scot rewards all liquid? or am i just not reading it right? hard for me to remember all my balances
and i cant find out where i would look to like look up curation settings for every coins id expect that to be listed on maybe that one site or are those parameters for curation and reward power down and reward curve all posted on for each coin ?

So have i been getting like staked rewards in scot this whole time without noticing it? Like the way steem will reward people in steempower and sbd? or wait on create post section for like pal for example, or sports or are there lil options for 100% SP and 50/50 ? hmm
Ok i DO see them there lol and they say SP and SBD even tho its for a site where your supposed to get paid in a scot reward lol, i wonder how thats explained could have a keychain or steemconnect login for allowing us to manage rewards poperhaps, or maybe thats not the right website for that, maybe I am thinking of a site like for steem-engine, or maybe @inertia 's https;// can provide more details about our rewards in one list? Maybe it already does and I just dont know how to use it? ;)

Im sure this will all be smoothed out of course, im guessing its just an artifact from Steem condenser front end, and that you also have to have that there because your posts do make steem and SBD and SP as well as scot tokens .... just wondering if there should or will be options for the Scot equivalents... im sure its all coming!


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