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So I staked 100,000 Asshole tokens to @neoxian our great whale dragon king of , so if asshole scotbot ever happens, he can represent his people well and generate ASS for them :)


6 months ago3 min read

Just wanted to make a quick post on to remind everyone that if there happens to be a bigger use case, even a scot bot tribe, then neoxian has 100k staked asshole tokens which he will get to use to influence the site and provide possible rewards for his neoxiancity community as perhaps an extra bonus for his people, maybe we can enable delegation

As you can see here @neoxian is in the Richlist of staked asshole holders at #9 right under nog and above @surfyogi

@surfyogi too has 100K tokens and can use the stake, hopefully, to produce mroe ass tokens for his communities @artzone and @wafrica which i also believe deserve their own scotbot tribes :D wouldn't an asshole and artzone and wafrica tribes look so perfect? But alas, I may be the largest whale in asshole, but the token creator has the final say about if we shall have a scotbot and I will have to write an impressive white paper and come up with the aprox $250 for scotbot initialization

Anyway I have made a few tweets about asshole token and am about to make a post on reddit and instagram. I might also create a facebook group for "Free Low Value Altcoin Giveaways to promote Steem Steem-engine and @steemspeak discord. if anyone wants to complete a "social bounty" to simply make a quick 30 second tweet or reddit post about AS token and how you can get one free on discord and how you need a steem account here I will send you some asshole tokens for spreading the word. Just show your work in the comments :)

In all seriousness i dont expect neoxian to do any extra work he doesnt want to, and his stake is more symbolic, just a way for me to show support for his tribe's users , but I leave this post open for him to invite his users to discord to receive Free Steem-Engine tokens with the @banjo tip bot by steem dev inertia.
When users come in i can hand out free ASS SAND DOGEp PSOp and maybe even some other tokens as i have been handing them out to the steady stream of users coming in at the moment. As crypto has its rollercoaster ride in value i feel its important to give people some freebies in this atmosphere of uncertainty.


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