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I just forked steemwallet by @roelandp so i can get it working with GOLOS classic (aka golos mainnet)

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Ill post this on golos and ask @arcange about it

I know @steepshot has or had golos support, I am not sure if their app is back on the android app store but I know with steemwallet getting its own fork and releasing as golos wallet could be a great gift to the golos community, I doubt i can do it alone and encourage others to work on this or maybe fork it their own way.

All I have done so far is modify the readme make a new logo and make this post


Looks pretty nice right? It all comes together on the github,but yeah I need to ask @arcange and @roelandp about goloswallet or if I did this right at all :D and @steepshot because they have a mobile app with steem AND golos support i believe, so they can be of help perhaps.

Golos has been hardforked and have had their own version of steemit inc taken off the mainnet by witnesses and its now left us with a golos that we can develop for using whatever trickles down from steem for now, and then hopefully see more native russian development of course hopefully with a russian version of steem-engine AND golos being added TO @steem-engine which I believe @fyrtsikken will be interested in paying 1000 ENG or just $200 for, then everyone on steem can buy golos so much easier than before, then maybe we can either get golos support on keychain by @yabapmatt or fork keychain for golos as well. Ill leave that to someone else for now as i go some @actifit walking now :)


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