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I wanted to take the time to write a more detailed post about our short term and long term plans with OCD and all accounts associated with it.

On a more personal note, I'm a bit disappointed at some things going on on Steem, there's too much selfishness going on and competitiveness between each other instead of working together. Same thing goes for the whole blockchain space in general, there's so much tribalism and fud going on it seems they don't realize that our real enemy are the centralized platforms and services that have been plaguing us for decades. Not to mention the centralized ones pretending to be decentralized...
I hope people will start working together and instead of competing about who is making the most while throwing dirt at each other they will realize that this path will lead to others flying past us while we fight for scraps. It is time to wake up, the bear market may barely be over but for the real projects they're already in a past bear market mindset.
On a brighter note, Steem is still doing really good, we just need to focus on what is really important. If I wasn't still excited about its future and potential I would not still be here and I know the same thing goes for many other Steemians that I know.

Back to OCD.

As you know we have recently restarted our main objective of curating undervalued posts with new authors in focus. We realize there are other curation projects doing similar things but as I mentioned above, we're all working towards the same goal. Curation is important and even more so at a time like this when more and more voting power is being locked up.

Our next steps for OCD will be to re-focus on introduction posts. We have a lot of voting power behind our actions right now thanks to accounts such as @blocktrades and while we may not want to make the same mistakes as our platform did in its early years by providing giant votes to newcomers which caused some damage over time (as users got demoralized seeing their first posts make a lot of rewards and having to wait a long time to see the same results in future posts). We will be attempting to spread our voting power over more posts, but the next step will be to focus on making the #introduceyourself tag great again.

We have been going around the past week contacting dapps that are creating a lot of accounts and seeing if we can collaborate with them to curate legitimate new users. By having them encourage new accounts during the account creation process to start off with an #introduceyourself post we will be keeping an eye on that section and curating posts while mentioning which dapps were the ones creating these. This will hopefully cause a more incentivized process for users that have gotten themselves an account on Steem through dapps but may not have been aware of the whole world that is waiting for them behind the particular dapp. This does not mean we want users to stop their activity on said dapp but raise the acitivty of all other ones they may be interested in using at the same time. Remember we are all sharing the same blockchain.

We will be looking to collaborate with @steemonboarding as well and make sure our activity won't cross paths but that we will be as efficient as possible when it comes to this. While we may give new users a boost in their intro post, we will also be keeping an eye out for their future posts and if they align with the requirements we have set out for original and quality content they will also have a chance to join our ever growing whitelist on @ocdb which can be viewed on our website (warning, may lag on phones until we re-do how the whitelist is viewed). Users on this whitelist will have a chance to grow a bit faster in stake and we are hoping that over time more and more unique daily users will continue to improve the distribution of stake on our platform.

We believe that non-profit services will be the most beneficial for our blockchain. While we have nothing against for profit services and middlemen there are some services that do absolutely not require it for it to work. @ocdb is living proof of that, even though we do spend quite some time on checking that it is not being abused, our rules of being removed from it and not being able to get back onto it are incentive enough for the users on it to make the most of their opportunity to grow and not lose that chance. We are now at almost 4 million SP delegated in total and will be constantly looking to grow and improve our non-profit service.

I have made enough posts in the past about @ocdb so I won't be writing much more about it, if there are questions feel free to ask in the comments but they have probably already been answered in the past.


After we have started our introduction compilation posts our next plans are to start putting our free account claims to good use which we have been claiming on a regular basis. We are planning on doing so with a third compilation post in mind that we believe will not only bring more attention to Steem but also get a lot of great new users that have been doing something similar to Steem while not being rewarded for it in any way.

The next plans will be to start using the subreddit more and encourage Steem authors to share their posts which we believe is not happening a lot which leads to us just living in a bubble where we are preaching to the choir. Curating authors that actively share their posts and at the same time creating accounts that hear about Steem through our subreddit we hope it will bring a healthy amount of new and similar minded users onto our blockchain. As a long time Redditor I want the others to find out that their activity can be rewarded and their influence can have a higher impact on our platform than the worthless karma points they've been collecting. We intend to follow all the rules with the subreddit, such as only allowing authors to link to their shared posts through non participation links to avoid brigading and not incentivize them to game the upvoting on the subreddits by not curating those that get a lot of reddit upvotes more or more often. We will be having curators looking through the shared posts and curate according to quality, originality and based off their usual rewards similarly to how we curate in general.

When it comes to creating accounts, we will be looking for assistance to also add another incentive to those that have been active on that platform. Depending on how things go with the Steem Foundation/DAO we will be looking to give active Redditors a bonus when joining our blockchain in delegation for a certain period. This will depend on their activity and karma points and if it's comments/engagement and if their post karma points have mostly been acquired by posting their original content. In the spirit of non-profit any assistance to help with this bonus delegation will also be used in a non-profit sort of way. Meaning if we receive a lot of stake to use for this delegation and curation, the rewards coming from that will either be burnt or used to pay for new accounts if they time comes that the free claimed accounts are drying up.

For this last part we hope others are interested in joining and helping out as it is something that will effect all of us. We're all in this together. Even though it will still require a lot of polishing and it's still some time away we will try our best to make it a great onboarding experience and at the same time check that it is not being abused. We understand there are black markets when it comes to most centralized platforms for accounts and will be monitoring the activity of the accounts receiving delegation from us. If there won't be any assistance from a Foundation/DAO for this we will attempt our best to do the same from our projects accounts @ocd @ocd-witness and maybe even our personal accounts if we are seeing a lot of success and demand for this.

We are open to discussing these things with the community so let us know if you have any question, please make sure you kind of understand how Reddit works and why onboarding users through our subreddit would be of value to our blockchain. From a personal note, there's nothing worse than having spent a lot of activity on a website and garnered a lot of points only to find out that not only do they not provide any real world value, but you also get no extra influence from it through curation or attention on your posts. This is something that is important and very different on our blockchain as it has been proven time and time again - sometimes for the worse but more often for the better.

Having put our current plans on the table and looking forward to users giving us their opinion on what they think about it, we also want to take the time to ask you to support us and our activity on the platform. We don't usually promote ourselves much and aren't big fans on bidding for attention, especially when those services aren't non-profit even though they could easily be. Here's how you can support us and our future plans.

Follow @ocd, check the compilation posts every now and then and see if you find users you think you'd be interested in reading more of and give those a follow.

If you don't have time to curate but want to put your stake to good use for a healthy distribution of our platform without enriching us the maintainers directly, delegate to @ocdb and receive a 90% ROI as if you were self-voting daily while the 10% goes to the 3000+ whitelisted authors using the service daily.

Support our witness @ocd-witness. We are all long term holders and looking to be here for a longer time, your support will directly be used to curate and possibly give delegation bonuses to accounts we will be creating for legitimate users in the near future. Every vote counts, we are currently at 2700+ unique users that have voted for our witness and are hoping to see that number increase over 2019.

Thank you so much for reading and everyone that has been supporting our activity in the past, we will be highlighting the users making this all possible in upcoming posts. You guys are really making a change on our blockchain and we hope your altruistic behavior will be rewarded in the near future.


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