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Last OCDB Recommendation post


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As @ocd is getting ready to start curation again and there will be a new way announced to add quality and original content authors to it we are adding a last chance for the community to recommend themselves or others they feel should be on the OCDB whitelist.

After curating for over a year with @ocd and adding 3000 underrewarded authors to the whitelist that we wanted to continue to support after the initial curation, we will now be continuing to grow the whitelist and curate users in a broad variety of content. Before you recommend authors make sure that:

  1. They aren't already on the whitelist
  2. They don't make more than $5 per post on average.
  3. They write quality and original content on a regular basis.
  4. There's been no plagiarism/abuse associated with that account.
  5. They will only use @ocdb on english content.

We will be curating your nominations over the next week but there are no promises that everyone will be added. If you aren't added to the whitelist today, keep working on your content as there will be plenty of other opportunities to join the whitelist later on.

If you make it to the whitelist, we want to warn you to only bid on posts you yourself deem to be of quality and original content, at the same time used the bids with common sense. If you post something that took little time and effort, don't overdo the max bid. We are constantly monitoring the bid queue and will be giving out warnings to users we feel are going against our principles and once you're out of the whitelist, getting back in will be near impossible.

Same thing goes for recommending people who plagiarise and abuse, if we find a pattern that you've added many of those users it might remove your chance at the whitelist as well.

If you aren't aware of what @ocdb is; basically we are the biggest non-profit distribution project that gives authors a flat 10% profit. 1 post can be purchased every 24 hours and demand and price of Steem is what adjusts the max bid. We've found a healthy way to grow distribution to a number of deserving authors as we believe this will do the platform a lot of good longterm. Since this is nonprofit we also reserve the rights to who is on the whitelist and who isn't depending on our judgement of the actions taken by those users. This does not mean that we will be trying to exclude certain users on purpose.

Now let's get to it!

Add the username of an account you feel should be added to the whitelist along with a short description of what that account writes about and why you think it'll be a good match. The account can be yours too, we just don't want people spamming usernames thus the description is required to avoid that.

If there are any further questions feel free to ask here!

@ocd will be looking for new authors joining our blockchain and giving them a chance to grow through @ocdb, if you like what we are doing and the non-profit nature of it, feel free to support us by other means such as delegating to @ocd and voting our witness @ocd-witness.

We have also been working on a lot of new additions to add to OCD and will be implementing them on a regular basis and growing our community! Feel free to join us on discord to stay up to date with news and @ocdb max bid updates

If you want to delegate to @ocdb, everyone is free to do so. We send you back 90% of the rewards (bids + curation) and 10% go to the authors bidding on their posts. Delegating does not get you whitelisted, and being whitelisted does not mean you have to delegate.


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