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Gods Unchained - New Blockchain Esport Game


8 months agoSteemit3 min read

Gods Unchained is a trading card game created by Fuelbros who previously created Etherbots and it runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. With the previous success of Etherbots the company is now diving into their next blockchain game with Coinbase Ventures as funding.

Co-founder and COO of the game, Robbie Ferguson said that blockchain technology "makes lots of sense" in the gaming industry and further added:

With over $50 billion turned over in in-game assets on marketplaces every year, current game publishers are essentially acting as central banks with absolutely no oversight or regulation – this needs to change.

During an interview with CNN, he mentioned that this Coinbase-funded game will not add to the Ethereum Blockchain’s congestion, even though the game currently has over a million users playing concurrently, it won’t weigh down the ETH network. Players will only use the Ethereum blockchain to purchase new cards or transfer existing ones - the rest will be done off-chain. This will still mean transaction fees for the players though as we have recently seen the Ethereum blockchain be under a lot of load resulting in the fees increasing by up to 5 wei to get a transaction faster confirmed. This is a big advantage for Steemmonsters which runs on the Steem blockchain were transaction fees are non-existing.

The CEO goes on to add that they are building a unique system to cope with the current ETH network and that it won't rely on the completion of Sharding and Plasma.

The biggest difference between Blockchain Trading Card games and current popular existing games such as Hearthstone is that when players buy their cards they will have true ownership over their collection. This will increase trading activity and give players the opportunity to sell off their collection if they want to do so at any time which is not something that current "centralized" games and platforms allow. Although the existing project Enjin Coin is working on improving that aspect.

Similar to Hearthstone players will be able to purchase Decks and open them in a random generated number fashion with at least one rare, epic or legendary guaranteed depending on which packs you buy.

This is what it looks like when you've opened them as I went ahead and purchased a Legendary Pack.

A list of investors and how the upcoming Tournament Prizepool is funded:

I am personally really excited to see how this game works out, I especially hope the gameplay is fun and competitive. I am thrilled to be living at a time where gaming is moving into blockchainized systems and giving more power to the players - it has been way too long where gaming companies have had the upper hand and have been able to do whatever they want without listening to their players and giving them too little control over anything in the game.

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