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[Announcing] OCD-Witness


3 years agoSteemit4 min read

Hey everyone! We've got some big news for the @ocd project today! We have gone ahead and set up a witness account for the project under @ocd-witness!

We have been thinking for some time now on how to further evolve the project and this is one part of that and will allow us in the future to continue growing and be able to cover more and more posts. The price lately has gone up a lot and made it possible for us to reach more newcomers, we are still in the process of re-assessing the way we curate and there will be some more info coming in about that soon. The beauty about these open-source platforms is that growth and price often come exponentially and we will make sure to grow the amount of curators at the same pace.

This will be a curation witness account, which means that the potential rewards will mainly be used to continue curating with them and the @ocd account and at the same time they will spread among everyone involved in the team.

Our plans in the near future are to re-steem more posts and keep the post rewards from the compilation posts at a profitable amount for the curators incentives. The witness account will be helping us to afford re-steeming more while adjusting the voting on post rewards!

The project has been alive for over 6 months now and many of the curators worked with minimum incentives when prices were low, since the majority of them believed that the price would go up at one point and have invested half of their rewards in the @ocd account and in their own SP it is nice to see them being rewarded for all the hard work they have provided in the past.

With the recent price surge and depending on where Steem will settle in the near future, we have a lot of adjusting to do with compilation post voting and also the posts that we curate. It gives us a great chance to grow and remain as one of the largest curation projects on the Steem platform.

Some short info on what @ocd does

We have over 35 curators both for english and over 10 other languages looking at posts age 0-5 days that have gone missed by most curators and have remained undervalued. We ask these authors to be nominated in our compilation posts which offers them more attention from our 3000+ followers and then the @ocd account, the curator nominating it, myself and @anomadsoul reward the post with votes.

We also re-steem posts that have been tagged with #ocd-resteem and will be growing the amount of daily re-steems in the near future.

The curated posts receive 2-2.5x higher votes than the curators who found them get rewarded.

Me and @anomadsoul also incentivize manual curators of the platform to front-run us on votes on the curated content by voting on it a day later. For more info on the possible rewards you can earn this way, read this post by @miniature-tiger

An analysis of user retention shows that over 80% of users who have been featured by OCD are still active on Steem (73% have posted within the last 14 days, 84% voted within the same time period). This is a huge percentage in comparison to the 10% user retention seen overall.

This quote is from the same post showing user retention of the authors that have been nominated by @ocd, bear in mind that this retention rate was before the surges in price.

These are the Witness specs

What you can do to continue aiding @ocd

Throw some votes, doesn't matter how much of your daily voting power they take, on the curated content which increases your curation rewards dramatically.

Vote on the @ocd compilation posts and the re-steems.

Vote on us as witness here:

Bear in mind that this action requires your active key. Scroll down on the page and you will find this box:

Thank you for all the positive feedback so far, Steemians! This year is going to be epic!

(and I don't use the word epic often) :)


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