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First Produce this year! My Garden Journal May 2020


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May 2020 Garden Journal

Hello Farmers, Gardeners and Homesteaders!

It's been a busy month in the garden. I've even been harvesting my first leafy vegetables for the past few weeks. Welcome to my #GardenJournal for May 2020.


Above is how my garden looks now. I've been really busy since April in my garden. The front is a bit of a disaster, I'll get into that later. I just finished watering when I took this picture and I also did some damage control. I have filled up the rest of the empty spaces but ended up getting some unplanned room.

As you can see, the plants are definitely growing and everything looks a lot greener this month. I predict by the end of June, it will be jungle season and I'll have harvested a lot more than just leaves.

Path to Plot.jpg

The local community

To get to my garden, I have to walk past a few small farms and gardens. It's about 200~300m off the main road. I love the walk. The other farmers are really good at what they do. A lot of them either sell to small restaurants or shops or even have their own.

I know what the others are up to because I ask! I like talking to the other neighbourhood gardeners. It's a friendly community, I can get a lot of tips, and even free seedlings!


Near the beginning of the year, the farmer I rent my garden from decided to till his red maple grove. He had some other bushes and tree saplings here, but he dug them up and sold them. So he had room for planting. I'll let you know what he planted here later, but to the far left, you can barely see pepper plants and peas.

Sweet Corn.jpg

So what have I planted?

Well, I actually planted everything right at the end of April with the exception of some sweet corn seeds I was germinating, and a few seedlings I moved around or traded. Those are the rests above. They are smaller than the popular Korean corn, but that's because they are 3 weeks behind. It's okay, they will have plenty of time to grow and they are catching up quickly.

Back Rows.jpg

Here are my rows at the back. In the front row, the peanuts and basil are looking good. There are sweet potatoes and sweet corn (my sweet row) in the center. Finally at the back is my seedling area. There are also a few plants like zucchini and melon which will either spread out or grow. I don't plan on keeping many of the seedlings back there, so they will have space.

Actually, I ripped a lot of those out the day after I took this picture. I planted a few in empty spaces in my garden and the others like the cilantro, and beets I just processed. I didn't get any beets yet, but I eat the leaves too.

I left a few random plants to drops seeds, and I still have a few others to move from back there. It probably won't be recognizable by June.

Looking Back.jpg

Here is a view of the garden looking towards the front. It looks a lot more active back here because these plants were not damaged.

On the left, my cabbage is really starting to grow. I should be harvesting my first batch in a couple of weeks. I'll be making sauerkraut and perhaps a soup or stew. the corn and other plants in that row are also doing really well.

In the middle at the front, I have strawberries. I planted them really late in the season, mostly because my wife really wanted to get some. Well lucky her, we have 1 strawberry. I'll let her eat it, it should be ready in a day or two. Those 3 plants were 1 dollar, I hope it's worth it!

Behind the strawberries are a few types of lettuce and larger beets. I've been harvesting the lettuce extensively and I'll get a few beet leaves soon when the ones I grew from seeds finish.

Finally, on the left, we have tomatoes. Some of the plants are already at my waist level and I just added a 3rd row of string yesterday. Out of the 12 plants, 9 are growing well, 2 are meh and 1 is dead. All the poor ones are yellow cherry tomatoes. They must have been bad genes.

Water Damage.jpg

I mentioned the front of my garden was a mess. I am quite upset about this because I lost a ton of space and crops (about 1/4th my yardage). The issue is flooding. It's well-drained, but one of the water hoses runs under here and it sprung a leak. So whenever the water is running, the area is completely flooded.

The farmer said it is too deep to fix the hose and he will have to do it in the fall or next year, so in the meantime, I have to reconsider what will grow here.

All the green onions died, some of the sweet corn seedlings died, romaine lettuce died. Worse of all, some of my hot peppers have died and the other ones don't look good. Since my ghost peppers didn't make it, I was really hoping to at least have some, but I doubt many will last. They hate too much water.


Anyway, I came up with a solution which is to build a trench. It now drains the water much more quickly and into the channel. The downside is I cannot really step there.

Also, I planted a few water-loving crops in the front to replace the ones I've pulled out. One of my neighbours was nice enough to give me cucumbers. I'm also told carrots will grow well, so I plan to buy a pack of seeds and find out for myself. Since it is always wet here, it shouldn't be too difficult to grow seeds in the heat!

It sucks, but challenge accepted. I've learned something from the experience and everyone is being really nice about it because it is in no way my fault.

#GardenJournal is an event run by @simplymike. It's been happening now for around 2 years and I've been participating myself since around June 2018. Here is the latest event post:

Thank you for farming with me!

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