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My All steemjet work for @dimimp sir


2 years agoBusy

Here's all the photos collection which i have made for dimimp sir and many photos on which i got big response from @dimimp sir my first image of #steemjet this pic was made $5.11 on @dimim sir profile.
oooh aaah i know this picture is not good and how it taken a reward this is also a question for me?
answer in comment section..
my second picture it got $3.91 on @dimimp sir profile new by inzz_05-20-11.33.19.jpg

ooh wah i am also surprised it is made by @abdt you see the most rewards in your post when you got a reward on your post you can so happy because it is nature if we got some thing good on our work we will happy.
Here's my all work for dimimp sir new by inzz_05-20-11.22.38.jpg new by inzz_05-20-10.39.49.jpg new by inzz_06-23-04.37.34.png



Note it is only for show my work to @dimimp so please do not take it on your mind hard working make you rich famous it is @abdt's law...

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