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Simplified Chinese translation of Node.js #25 - 1108 words


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Project Details

Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

Node.js is a free, cross-platform, open source server environment to execute JavaScript outside of a browser. Traditionally, JavaScript is used for client side scripting and runs by a JavaScript engine embedded within a browser. With Node.js, JavaScript can be used to write command line programs or server side scripting. By this way, developers only need to learn a single programming language to do both server side and client side programming.

Node.js is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript execution engine which was initially built for Google Chrome. Instead of interpreting JavaScript in real time, V8 compiles JavaScript code to native binary machine code to improve the performance. Node.js has an event driven architecture which makes it suitable for web applications with many I/O operations. That is why Node.js is very fast compared to similar technologies. libuv is used to handle asynchronous events across operating systems.

Contribution Specifications

I have used Node.js in a few small projects but never got a chance to see a whole picture of this amazing and popular framework. I am very exciting to start translating Node.js and very looking forward to my new learning journey!

Translation overview

The whole project consists of 1,048,272 words. victory622 has started working on this project. Since this project is extremely large therefore collaborations are required. I will be concentrating on the translation of v8.x folder which has 353,483 words to translate.

This submission

In this submission, I have finished timers module and started working on stream module. Although stream module is large, e.g. there are 9451 words to translate, it is fairly easy for me to translate as I am very familiar with the underlying concepts and how to use streams in programming. However, I had to spend extra time on timers module to get the most appropriate words in my translation. For instance, ‘schedule’ could be translated to '调度', '计划' and '安排'. After checking resources online and previous translations. I decided to choose ‘计划’ because it seems to be the most appropriate word to me and it was previously used and approved. And for the same reason, ‘expose’ has been translated to ‘暴露’.


I translate Node.js from English to Simplified Chinese.

Word Count

Regarding the number of words, this is my 25th contribution to Node.js project and I have translated 1108 words in timers and stream module.


No translation in stream, and timers module.


303 words in “”
805 words in “”

Total: 303+805 = 1108 words

Proof of Authorship

My translation activities can be viewed in my Crowdin profile:


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