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The neighbor's pears are getting bigger


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These have the shape of pears but the skin and colour of apples so I'm not sure yet if they are apples or pears. I'm leaning towards saying they are pears but I'm not a million percent certain. Will be interesting to see when they are fully ripe. Some will naturally fall on the road so I might clean a windfall and try it when the time comes.

A different neighbor had a mature tree of cherries but it looks like very few were picked and eaten which is a shame because I think 2 or 3 pounds of cherries was like 16 dollars at the supermarket. Letting fruit you grow go to waste is a bit of a shame. At home we have bumper crop of apples from 4 trees, way more than we can consume so Dad stores as many as possible in the cold garage to preserve them, Mam bakes apple pies and freezes them and dad gives away maybe 50 or 100 apples per year for free to neighbors and relatives who want them. I love the idea of growing trees and plants for food and at a secondary aim for beauty of flowers etc. It's awesome to consume home grown food.


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